Thursday, March 30, 2006

Beautiful Danger

Un-posted interpretation of last week's Illustration Friday Theme, Monster.

A.K.A. Fang ; .) Look out!!! She'll gnaw your finger off if given half a chance!!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Detox - Week 2

Today was the beginning of week 2 of my detox. Yeah, I know, you didn't ask for an update, but you're getting one anyway! : .)

I'm feeling good, but easily distracted and sleepy at times, and working out is definitely a challenge because of the lack of carbos. I am getting tired of beige food...beige meat, beige rice, twice a day, every day. The protein/fruit shakes are saving me tho'. And the tons of veggies aren't bad either. I'm only taking 19 supplements a day, instead of the 30 a day I took last week. WhooHoo!!!

I've lost 7 pounds so far. A couple of friends tried to convince me that it was mostly water weight. I beg to differ. I think its poop weight. I've been smokin' in the elimination department! My digestive system feels so CLEAN!!!

I can't wait until I can have a bleu cheese bacon burger!!!

Just kidding!!!

It'll be a Ghirardelli Gold Rush Sundae instead!

Haha, kidding again!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ichthyanabilism - Part Deux

P's Neon Tetras had more babies over the weekend...

E: Can you separate the babies from the adults?
K: You want to deprive the big fish of their snacks?
E: Its like "Hotel Romance."
K: Love Boat.
E: They're sushi.

Tursiops truncatus

Interesting Dolphin Fact: Dolphins have extremely soft, flaky skin which they shed every two hours. The softness of the skin reduces friction. As the skin flakes, it breaks up swirling vortices next to the skin that would otherwise slow the animal down. I've heard it referred to as "dolphin pollen."

Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Nevada.

Submitted to Photo Friday - Theme: Smooth

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Watching Ice Hockey, especially #22, Scott Hannan makes me emotional ; .) The speed, the grace, the MAYHEM!!!

Sharks pre-season, from the third row behind the penalty boxes.

Go Sharks!!!

Submitted to Moody Monday - Theme: Emotional


My witch doctor perscribed a 3 week detox diet for me to overcome my sugar addiction and maybe as a bonus, lose a few pounds. This cleansing diet includes 3 different supplements (Gastro-Fiber! Yum!) and a shake powder that contains protein and various sundry nutrients. Per day, I'm supposed to swallow 30 supplements, eat 2 -3 eggs, 3 -4 ounces of lean meat and half as much fruit as vegetables. 2 servings of brown rice and 2 -3 shakes made with fruit or veggies. No seasoning is allowed. Oh and I'm supposed to consume at least 64 ounces of water, every day.

Today was day one.

Breakfast: 10 supplement capsules, a poached egg, and a shake made with the powder, a banana, and some raspberries.
Lunch: 10 supplement capsules, chicken strips, a cup of brown rice, red and orange bell pepper strips, celery, mushrooms, and a fujii apple.
Dinner: Stir fry made with chicken, cabbage, onion, shredded broccoli, mushrooms, and a cup of brown rice.
Snack before bed: 10 supplement capsules and a shake, I think I'll try some carrot juice instead of fruit, for variety.

My stomach is so full. It must be all the fiber. I was happy because I was able to run my mileage at lunch, since I'm cutting my carbohydrate consumption at least by 75%. I think exercise will become more difficult as time goes on. By the end of the first week, I will have consumed 210 supplement capsules and enough vegetables to feed a hundred thousand rabbits for the next year (well, at least it feels that way). I was projecting into the future and thinking about how I will go about maintaining this healthy eating program. Right now, this diet is such a novelty, I am willing to go along with it. I did however have a moment this afternoon thinking that if I do continue to eat in similarly healthy manner, I will never be able to eat bacon again.

I almost lost my resolve.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Red & White Striped Stockings

Or Ronald McDonald's footwear on his day off.

I think I'll take a drawing class this summer : .)

Submitted to Illustration Friday - Theme: Feet

Friday, March 10, 2006


Submitted to Photo Friday - Theme: Red

Dragonfly Tat

I've always wanted a tribal dragonfly tattoo'd on my lower back, but I keep thinking...

"A tattoo...Its so permanent, not like a relationship" ; .)

Submitted to Illustration Friday - Theme: Tattoo

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Shiny Chrome Things

Say hello to the Twins!!! The heart of Candide, a 2002 Honda Shadow Aero 1100, owned and operated by my friend Ny. A heart surrounded by beautiful shiny chrome things.

Submitted to Lens Day - Theme: Chrome

Answering Nature's Call

The sweetest Honey Buckets ever!!!

I couldn't help it!!! To me, this just fits the theme.

Can you hear it? The Call of Nature!

My good friends all know my relationship with bathrooms, portable or otherwise. I have to say, not only were these the cleanest porta-potties I've ever had to use, but they provided hand sanitizer too!!!

Somewhere between Mt. Hood and Seaside, OR, Hood to Coast Relay 2004

Submitted to Thursday Challenge - Theme: Nature

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

in memoriam

moms, dads & friends

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Four Jobs I've Had

1. IT Help Desk - Interesting that I had that job since I'm absolutely computer illiterate!
2. Sales Clerk at a Rubber Stamp Store to feed my habit.
3. Group Exercise (otherwise known as Aerobics) Instructor - You have to love a job where you get paid for doing your own workout.
4. Project Manager for a Product Safety Company - It pays the bills!!!

Four Goals I've Set for the Year

1. Participate in a Triathlon, scary, I'll have to swim
2. Train for another marathon, Disneyworld 2007, I must have that Mickey Mouse icon medal.
3. Art more
4. Eat less

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over Again

1. Matrix
2. Interview With a Vampire (Brad Pitt with loooonnnggg hair, sigh)
3. You've Got Mail
4. Any Disney flick

Four Places I've Lived

1. Santa Barbara, CA
2. San Diego, CA
3. Poway, CA
4. All over the South Bay Area

Four TV Shows I Watch

1. CSI
2. CSI Miami
4. Re-runs of CSI

Four Favorite Vacation Spots

1. The South of France, ooh la la!!!
2. Mendocino, CA, calm and beautiful
3. Seattle, WA, home of MonkeyBoy
4. Kauai, HI, ALOHA!

Four Websites I Visit

1. The blogs listed to the right
3. Art challenges - Nudge-Nudge, Illustration Friday
4. Yahoo!, Google & Amazon (ok MR? : .)

Four Favorite Foods

1. Bacon
2. Roast and Potatos
3. Spaghetti with Mizithra Cheese from Spaghetti Factory
4. Tortillas with Butter

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now

1. At an ice hockey game
2. Sunbathing on a tropical beach
3. Hiking in Yosemite
4. Hangin' with my friend's kids

Tag, you're it!!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bleu Girl

I've been wanting to do something with striped tights for some reason.

The inspiration? It started with Teesha Moore's art in my head. Then, from link, to link, to link after visiting Carla at anonyrrie who commented on my IF post, I went to Inspire Me Thursday and then to the Crafty-Girl, where I got the quote. BTW , IMT and CG have posted a ton of cool techniques. Check it out!

A side note: I really need to get a scanner.

Friday, March 03, 2006


"How does one become a butterfly?" She asked pensively. "You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar." ~Tina Paulus

(Click on image to see a larger version.)

Submitted to Illustration Friday - Theme: Insect

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pampered Tootsies

Close-up of toe art.

Submitted to Thursday Challenge - Theme: Black&White

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

(Dinner at Maggianos with the ladies! Ignore the floating head in the top left hand corner. Maybe she saw how much fun we were having and just had to join in!!! : .)

I'm a firm believer in celebrating the self!!!

Today marks the 13th anniversary of my 29th birthday. (The 29 thing is actually a nod to my mom, who always said she was 29 on her b-day) Anyway, what comes to mind at this moment is the line from the Talking Heads song Once in a Lifetime…”And you may ask yourself…Well…How did I get here?!”

Yes, just how did I get here? I still feel like I haven’t grown up. I take care of my business, I get up and go to work every day, I exerrrrcise, I eat right, okay, except chocolate kisses with almonds, and white cake with buttercream frosting, and bacon fried rice, yummmm, but I digress…I still don’t feel quite finished yet. I always thought there was some age at which you became a mature adult. Every day however, I find myself learning something new, getting interested in and trying something new, finding different answers to things I thought I knew and didn’t. Adventures galore!

Now that I think about it, I guess I don’t want to grow up if it means the end of the fun!!!

Today is the first day of my next 365-day journey around the sun!!! Lets ROCK!!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Enchanted Flight

Spring 2005 at the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, Nevada

Submitted to Lens Day -Theme: Enchanted