Monday, May 29, 2006

A Mini Break

A favorite way to spend a long weekend, getting in a bunch of exercise.

On Saturday I did the usual long run with the ladies. I finished 8 miles at a 9:45 minute/mile pace. [pat, pat] I haven't run faster than a 10 or 11 minute pace so far this year, I'm quite proud of myself.

Sunday I took step class taught by my girlfriend. Her routine is choreographically, as well as physically challenging and she's known to play good tunes. Gotta love movement and music!

Today was a gorgeously sunny day and with the wind rushing by my ears, I took Monchichi out for her first ride. No more will she sit patiently in the corner of the living room, there's no turning back now, she's had a taste of the road.

Its a different experience, riding...Being on a a pedal driven, human-powered vehicle, I'm expending a bit less effort than running. More time to contemplate the scenery and listen and hear what's going on around me. A few chuckles from the road...

The little boy on a walk with his brother and parents said, " I don't want to get out of the way of the bicycles" (Little sassy pants!), the man reading while he was jogging (All that bouncing would make me nauseous) and the dog trotting after his owner, carrying his leash in his mouth (Way to take yourself for a walk, Puppy!), last of all, the happy guy, pacing behind me, greeting absolutely EVERYONE on the trail. (Okay, it must be the endorphins, no one is that perky that early in the morning!!!)

A suggestion for multi-use trail compadres...Lets share the trail! Peds, we know you have the right-of-way. We are willing to ride around you. Help the riders out. Please pay attention!!! You're not the only person on the trail. Don't hoard the entire trail. Don't stop in the middle of the road. If you want to look at the squirrels and the birds, please step off to the side. Also, look both ways before you step back on the trail. Its a lot easier for you to stop and start than a bicycle rider. I think we can all get along and enjoy the trail with a little effort.

The area beneath my sit bones and my calves are sore (I did wear padded biking shorts), AND my nose ran, A LOT!!! Overall it was such a good time.

(Today wasn't just a day off either...It was a day for honoring the Soldiers who have fought and died for our country. Thank you for your bravery and courage, and making the supreme sacrifice in protecting our freedom. You have a special place in all of our hearts.)

Cutesie Tootsies

Its that time of year again. I'm breaking out the sandals. That means a pedicure was in order. I just wanted the icky thick winter skin removed, and, and all those calluses from running. Nope, I don't care about french pedicures, cute flowers and rhinestones, sheesh! Its so girlie!

Really, I don't... : .)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

100% Cotton

I'm not known for my abilities as a domestic goddess. One task that I'm notoriously lax in is folding laundry. I usually have a gigantic pile of clothes from which I pull the daily wearables, work clothes, running clothes, socks, jackets, etc...Well, today I decided to do something about it and I folded every last piece of clothing that was in the baskets in my bedroom. As I was putting items away, I notice the stack of t-shirts in the corner of the closet, mostly comprised of the shirts I received for running in races.

So, this is my collection of running t-shirts. I thought I'd share. Its just so completely excessive. This isn't even all of 'em. I'm also wearing one. When I moved a couple of years ago, I went minimalist and got rid of part of my collection. Yep, I had oh so many more. Really now, just how many t-shirts do I think I need?!

I heard that you receive a Tiffany's bracelet placed on your wrist by a gorgeous man in a tux upon finishing the Nike Women's Marathon. I think I'd like that more than a t-shirt!!!

My favorites...Of course, my BSIM shirt (the one I'm wearing in the Big Sur International Marathon Happy Dance avatar photograph on this very blog), but I also dearly love the Christmas Relay shirt in the top left corner, the one with the skinny Santa and his hairy legs, in the running gear.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Recent Acquisition

I picked up my newest toy today, a 2006 Fuji Tahoe Comp mountain bike. (For those who are interested you can view the specs at Fuji Bikes.) I couldn't exactly participate in a triathlon without having a bike to ride, could I? I think I may be in love!!! I really don't like to be attached to material items, but boy oh boy!!! I can't wait to hit the trails, navigate rocks, ruts, sand, and be barrelling down hills at top speed, WHEEEEEEE!!!

Nate at Performance Bike in Mountain View was so helpful, disscussing sizes, components, tire types, etc...He let me try out multiple bikes and almost convinced me that I wanted a road bike, (yes, there is a difference) but I truly see myself doing trails more than riding on the road. I may be putting myself at a disadvantage during the tri, riding a mountain bike instead or a road bike, but I wanted something I would ride after I trained for the event.

Of course, as always with a purchase of this magnitude, I had that moment of panic, of buyer's remorse, but this isn't as frivolous a purchase as that $400.00 handmade/hand-dyed sweater I bought at an art festival last summer. Yes, the one that the artist promised wouldn't shrink. I will so ride this bike more than I will wear that now itty-bitty sweater.

I think I'll name my new friend Monchichi, which means monkey in Japanese.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Chaos Theory

Wikipedia sez:

In mathematics and physics, chaos theory describes the behavior of certain nonlinear dynamical systems that under certain conditions exhibit a phenomenon known as chaos. Chaos appears to be random, and the word suggests disorder, however there is underlying order and determinism. Every action, or cause, produces a reaction, or effect, and every reaction, in turn, becomes the cause of subsequent reactions.

Life these days seems really chaotic. I haven't had time for anything except work and a few workouts to maintain my sanity. Life seems all about the "no" right now. I don't feel like I have control over anything. However, as noted above, there is underlying order and determinism in chaos and actions produce reactions, so that must be a sign. Maybe my reactions are creating the situations that I'm in now. I'll have to ruminate on that for awhile.

Many thanks to my blogger friends who have checked in on me! I appreciate it!!!

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