Saturday, May 13, 2006

100% Cotton

I'm not known for my abilities as a domestic goddess. One task that I'm notoriously lax in is folding laundry. I usually have a gigantic pile of clothes from which I pull the daily wearables, work clothes, running clothes, socks, jackets, etc...Well, today I decided to do something about it and I folded every last piece of clothing that was in the baskets in my bedroom. As I was putting items away, I notice the stack of t-shirts in the corner of the closet, mostly comprised of the shirts I received for running in races.

So, this is my collection of running t-shirts. I thought I'd share. Its just so completely excessive. This isn't even all of 'em. I'm also wearing one. When I moved a couple of years ago, I went minimalist and got rid of part of my collection. Yep, I had oh so many more. Really now, just how many t-shirts do I think I need?!

I heard that you receive a Tiffany's bracelet placed on your wrist by a gorgeous man in a tux upon finishing the Nike Women's Marathon. I think I'd like that more than a t-shirt!!!

My favorites...Of course, my BSIM shirt (the one I'm wearing in the Big Sur International Marathon Happy Dance avatar photograph on this very blog), but I also dearly love the Christmas Relay shirt in the top left corner, the one with the skinny Santa and his hairy legs, in the running gear.


Ragged Around the Edges said...

Badges of honor! (I am so very impressed.)

Cate said...

I clicked to make the picture larger, then not being satisfied with that, I zoomed in...It's like T-Shirts R Us!

And I bet each of them evokes a memory for you. If I were you I'd be hard put to throw any of them away...ever!

madretz said... should keep all of 'em.
Zero attachment to store bot clothes, but these...these are like scrapbook pages for your back.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Yoooo Hoooo, Phinner, where are you?