Thursday, May 04, 2006

Chaos Theory

Wikipedia sez:

In mathematics and physics, chaos theory describes the behavior of certain nonlinear dynamical systems that under certain conditions exhibit a phenomenon known as chaos. Chaos appears to be random, and the word suggests disorder, however there is underlying order and determinism. Every action, or cause, produces a reaction, or effect, and every reaction, in turn, becomes the cause of subsequent reactions.

Life these days seems really chaotic. I haven't had time for anything except work and a few workouts to maintain my sanity. Life seems all about the "no" right now. I don't feel like I have control over anything. However, as noted above, there is underlying order and determinism in chaos and actions produce reactions, so that must be a sign. Maybe my reactions are creating the situations that I'm in now. I'll have to ruminate on that for awhile.

Many thanks to my blogger friends who have checked in on me! I appreciate it!!!

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