Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More Drawings

3 more weeks left of drawing class. Working on the project for my final. Before that unveiling, I thot I'd show you a few class exercises and homework assignments.

Serengeti a la Van Gough. Class exercise in drawing with different marks.
(For Willie B./Drawn from a magazine picture.)

Veeger...Class exercise in shading. (Drawn from a photocopy of a photo.)

Yvonne...Class exercise on profile portraits. (Life drawing of my classmate.)


Ragged Around the Edges said...

You are so very talented.

Cate said...

All I can say is wonderful...I'm in awe. Are you going to sign up for more classes when these are over?

Anonymous said...

Cool work - and a collection of some really different things. Serengeti looks peaceful and stately - Thanks for pointing out the intention to use different markings. I could see that when I looked, and it's interesting how the marking approach makes for different feels and textures.
Did your classmate like her picture? Looks like a real person, and did she think it looked like her? (not that she'd be the best judge...)
Veeger caught my attention because it looks like the actress who played on Star Trek The Motion Picture - She had no hair, (which was very sensual as is this picture) and she, and another actor eventually melded with a spacecraft that was evolved from Voyager. The "oya" in the name had been worn off, and the spacecraft, that had evolved called itself V-ger, or, Veeger. Your picture seems more than coincidence. But coincidence or not, it is very good!

Alina Chau said...

Nice drawings!

Rrramone said...

Ooohhh. That middle one is exquisite. How did I miss these?? Oh yes, I was in Africa. :-)