Sunday, December 31, 2006

The other side of me

All month (what am I saying, all year!) I've been on this emotional roller coaster, alternating between joy and sorrow, grabbing happy and spilling tears, lots of them.

You, my bloggy pals, Cate, MadMonk, MadRetz, Ragged (oh and Anon, you know who you are
: .) always make me smile and laugh, a bright light in sometimes dark days.
Thanks so much for being present on the page and sharing this *space* with me!

I'm glad to be making a transition into the new year, I'm excited for what's in store.
I suspect that I will be faced with new and unique challenges in 2007 and all I can say is

Happy New Year!!!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

More, More, More

More scrapbook pages...

MadRetz gifted me with a cool book called 52 Scrapbooking Challenges. Challenge #1 is to use words - adjectives or a favorite quote - in a layout. The quote I choose is from the movie, "A Beautiful Mind"

*I need to believe that something extraordinary is possible.*

So appropriate considering the December I've been having.

The accordion book was assembled from a kit purchased at my (now defunct) favorite scrapbook store. Guess I'll have to plan the 2007 Disneyland trip so I can fill the pages!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Yesterday's Art

Blogger is so not cooperating this morning. Is it because I need to switch to the newer "better" version? (Hear the sarcasm?)

This pix was from a magazine ad for flooring. I loved the image, but couldn't think of what to do with it, and it languished in my scrap folder for over a year now. MadRetz and I often talk about grace (physical and spiritual) and the piece was born : .)

MadRetz took these pixs during our first visit to Sharon Wheat's studio. A few minutes prior to these pictures, I was crazily snapping away with MadRetz's camera and afterwards, Sharon was teasing me about having an itchy trigger finger. I love those laugh out loud moments.

Obviously, its been awhile since I've drawn anything. My first piece drawn in the sketch book I received from my bloggy friend. I'm thinking this guy looks like a character from South Park, a scary South Park character. Can you guess who its supposed to be?

Oh, and I made this on Christmas day for my co-worker's little girl. I also bought yarn to do some felted bowls using instructions in One Skein. Turns out I need circular and double pointed knitting needles. Ragged, I am so gonna need help with the lingo..."CO45 sts?" "Working in the rnd?" "Dec as foll, changing to dpn when necessary?" Oh, and I also need to learn how to knit, since I only know one stitch. I wonder what it costs for a ticket to Raggedstown for lessons? (The lingo is actually not that cryptic..."cast on 45 stitches, working in the round, decrease as follows, changing to double pointed needles when necessary") hee!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Drawing Mid-Term & Final

One of my friends mentioned to me that they had checked my blog to see if I posted projects from my drawing class. I appreciated the reminder : .)

The mid-term project was to collage an emotion. If your guess is jubilant, then you're right!

To create the piece, I used two photos I took of my friend's daughter during the annual family X-mas card photo shoot, as well as some magazine photos. I drew the image in pencil and used water color paints and markers to color in the image.

The final project was to do a self-portrait and then create a mask that is our alternate personality, fantasy, other persona. The drawing above is the self-portrait from the first class meeting, below is the self-portrait for the final project. I used pencil here also. I think I've improved my technique, altho' my eyes are way bigger than I realized : .)

Girl G, my girlfriend that's a goalie, was the inspiration for my mask. Unafraid to face pucks flying at her at 70 miles per hour (well, if its Calvin shooting), she exhibits a bravery that I can only wish to have. The goalie mask offers protection, but also communicates an air of toughness. The mask was drawn and colored using sharpie markers.

I received a gift of a sketch book from my bloggy pal Willie, so I need to continue practicing and creating. Next class...Design. I'm excited!