Friday, September 21, 2007

Party Like a RockStar!

Its 1:27 am. I am still awake. All because I just had to Party Like a Rockstar. 80 mg of caffeine per serving. Guess how many servings are in a 16 oz can? TWO. Supposedly one of the ingredients in the drink, Guarana Seed Extract, has 3X's more caffeine than coffee beans. I would ask "how many coffee beans." I may be awake all night. I've been awake since Sunday pretty much. All because of this...

Flew the friendly skies recently. Very stressful. Obviously I survived or else I wouldn't be typing, or awake right now.

I finished this from the Jenni-Jenni bebe shoot on Sunday:

Some pictures are blurry, but I'm too tired to care. Oh, and don't you just love my toe, tee hee hee! The second to the last picture is actually the last page. It has this excerpt from Mary Poppins Comes Back, the second in the Mary Poppins series by P.L. Travers.

I am earth and air and fire and water,
I come from the Dark
where all things have their beginning.

I come from the sea and its tides,
I come from the sky and its stars;
I come from the sun and its brightness –

And I come from the forests of earth.

Slowly I moved at first, always sleeping and dreaming.
I remembered all I had been, and I thought of all I shall be.
And when I had dreamed my dream,
I awoke and came swiftly.

I heard the stars singing as I came and
I felt warm wings about me.
I passed the beasts of the jungle and
came through the dark, deep waters.
It was a long journey.

My sis wanted to paint this on a nursery wall, but alas, she hasn't had any kids. It works on cards and photo albums and such doncha think? Annabel tells this story of her birth to a starling that alights on the window sill of the Banks children's nursery. Didya know that there were 5 Banks children, not just Jane and Michael?

Anywhoo, check out my sidebar on the right for my new blog where I'm posting my card a day, or reasonable facsimile. I guess I've got to get back to creating!

P.S. MadRetz, I used the stamp already!!!

Happy Friday!!!


Ragged Around the Edges said...

Cut out the caffeine, Phin, cut it out!

(I am saying that as a caffeine addict, do as I say, not as I do.)

Lovely book and love the excerpt. Pefect for your project.

I am off to ogle your cards.

madretz said...

Girl! That album turned out so freakin' awesome!!
Good for you for getting all that art done while you were wake all night!

linda woods said...

cool little book!
Thanks for popping over to our blog and sharing your lunch with us! :)
Linda and Karen

Anonymous said...
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