Friday, December 26, 2008

the day after...

so, here we are...all that build-up, angst, and anticipation over in one fell swoop!

like I said previously I haven't had the best attitude lately, but after a series of self-portraits yesterday (yes, what a dork! hee!) I tried hard to embrace the holiday...

I appear to be happy, yesh? (must be the better living thru chemistry. all natural, of course!!! LOL!) afterwards, I made myself a cup of tea, some pie crust (superb!), and baked some cookies (yummm, buttery & shortbread-like) and then I had no idea what to do with myself!

I called Als, since I had threatened to visit and after a quick discussion, told her I'd be arriving with ingredients for dinner. she was tres happy! I spent a cozy afternoon listening to grandkid stories, talking with her, Joe, and Alma June, and prepping dinner. The feast included Cornish Game Hens with Garlic and Rosemary, sauteed garlicky winter greens (fabulous, btw!), mashed yellow potatoes & apple pie for desert.

evidence of my cooking prowess! and my belly button! LOL!

I appreciated that Als, Joe and Alma June were more than willing to be my guinea pigs. seriously, a successful meal!!!

again, I find myself with too much time on my hands! eeee!!! contemplating some photobooth strips of me and the Cupcake to scrapbook, finishing that December 25th page, eating some more junk fuds, soaking up some vitamin D, maybe some laundry, LOL!!!

merry merry day after to you!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas!!!

As I've been reminded by the gorgeous Cupcake, its been 11 days since my last blog post. Mucho has occurred, I just haven't felt wordy enough to write anything! Shocking! Because if you know me at all, you know I have an opinion about pretty much EVERYTHING!!! hee!!! I would also like to say that I've been imbued with the Christmas spirit, but alas, no...Quite frankly, I've had the worst attitude!

I haven't done any additional 25 days of Christmas pages. I better get on it, since tomorrow is my deadline and I fear that Santa will not bring me what's on my wish list if I do not finish the task I set for myself : .) I did complete handmade Christmas cards, so if you sent me one, you'll be getting one in return, better late than never, right?! I feel like I've spent the better part of the past two weeks going to appointments, mostly to see Dr. Andre and get cracked. If only I could be done with the whole post-accident trauma.

There have been a few highlights!!!

I spent a whole day with the world's cutest Cupcake!!! Lisa and I finally had the opportunity to connect! She's so beautiful and intelligent, as well as being incredibly creative and fun!!! We shopped, talked, giggled, I talked some more, had Starbucks & shopped some more. We laughed about the fact that her Mom is my age and I'd probably be good friends with her, too!!!

I like that Lisa and I have so much in common! She gifted me with the best present!!! An antique Kodak Duaflex camera so I can be a great photographer, just like her and take TTV (Through the Viewfinder) photos. Go check out the blog, and the flickr site. Verra cool antique-y photography. Of course, you need a "contraption" which I haven't yet constructed, but I have almost 2 weeks off from work to get that done!!!

What an AWESOME day! Definitely in my top 10 for this year! (And Lisa, I LOVE, LoVe, loVE!!! the tote and zippy too, AND your friendship!!!)

Also on the (+) side, I got my baby back!!! Oh how I missed my little friend! Quick acceleration and XM radio do not make up for the comfort I feel driving my own automobile. A new radiator mounting bracket, new bumper, and a new headlight have improved the car's cosmetics immensely, but I don't really care about those things, I care that Good Little Car (after all this time, the car still hasn't told me its name!) can still keep truckin' instead of rotting somewhere in a junkyard and we have a few more years together!

I spent last evening being catered to by my little sis, Alika. Mom Gail invited me over for a visit. I had dinner served to me as well as getting gifts!!! Toffee Macadamia Crunch, baby!!! Tres delish!!! and something (eee!) from Brighton, I'm waiting to open the present until tomorrow 'cause there's not much under my tree.

I'm not complaining about that, however. I've received so many intangibles this holiday season, another reason to be perturbed at myself for my bad attitude. Spending time with those I love and whos (here's another of those spelling questions!) company I Dad, my extended family, invitations to parties and events, smiles, long cell conversations with my bestest friends, evidence of my Father's love, lovely holiday photos/cards and another "date" with Edward! (The obsession continues...) and,

oh, isn't this the best Time Magazine cover???

Looking forward to lots of down time, hitting the gym, running outdoors, some photography, unlimited time to craft, and watching movies over and over. Paul and I are going to visit the newly renovated California Academy of Sciences and have lunch at Cafe Gratitude, I'm gonna visit the Mad Monk, and Shan and I are gonna get together to crop.

Tonight I'm baking an apple pie for my Christmas dinner, and cookies to take to Aldien's when I invade, er visit tomorrow. I may get those daily pages done too!!!

Merry Merry Christmas
to You!!

I hope Santa brings you everything your heart desires!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The December Daily Album

Whooo, the Sharks came from behind 3-1 to WIN 5-4 against the St. Louis Blues! We are still in first place in the NHL!!! OMG!!! So EXCITING!!!

OK, on to other important stuffs! I'm finally posting pixs of the first few pages of my December Daily Album, minus day 12...

Cover, clear acrylic d.reeves 6"X6" album. Metal snowflake, metal wording from Michaels $1 bin. I wish I remembered to save the paper mfg names. Random # stickers too:

Day 1 - My Christmas wishlist. Same line of paper as the 2008 page, other cardstock, punched snowflakes, number sticker, misc. scrap paper : .)

Day 2 - Pix of me wearing my Ragged-made wristlets holding the stats sheet from the Sharks vs Toronto Maple Loafs, I mean Leafs game ; .), tree @ Christmas in the Park downtown SJ, polar bear gift tag, black rhinestone, punched snowflakes, snowflake parchment.

Day 3 - Paper Source snowflakes, one gesso'd and glittered. Pix of ladies at Bazaar Bizzare in SF (Flakes, get it??? Actually they weren't, they had cool felted wool art!) Silver trim, dymo label, glitter # sticker.

Day 4 - My Dad...Naughty or Nice??? LOL!!! He's such a good sport, I made him wear my Mickey Mouse Santa hat! Gotta love that expression and the beer can! Basic Grey bkgnd paper, snowflake stickers, dymo label, Making Memories Word 'fetti.

Day 5 - Flyer from the Santa Clara Home Tour, October Afternoon bkgnd paper, Making Memories glitter trees, # sticker, dymo label, tag from the Starbucks ornament I purchased that day!

Day 6 - Me & Als b/4 Barbara's tree trimming party. Basic Grey bknd paper, torn music sheet, random Christmas rub-ons, Magistical Memories chipboard box tree, glitter # sticker.

Day 7 - Sunday morning at Starbucks, the day I went to see Twilight. Basic Grey bkgnd paper and BG rub-ons, acrylic paint, painted reindeer ribbon, # sticker.

Day 8 - So sad, found out my boss's (how do you write that? bosses? boss'???) dog got hit by a car over the weekend. Target crochet ornament, alpha and # stickers, cardstock, dymo label.

Day 9 - Shopping downtown Los Gatos with Als, Santa in the Metro PCS store window (? some cell phone store!), Cost Plus gift wrap, picot ribbon, Making Memories poinsettia flowers. (I added beaded centers), Merry Christmas confetti, dymo label, # sticker.

Day 10 - My co-worker fwd'd me a story about Zombie Elves, written by her son. On the same day, I left a collection of Limited Edition Star Trek Pez dispensers from said Zombie Elves @ a friend's desk. Then I found the googly-eyed elf sticker, a perfect compliment to the day's documentation. Elf and North Pole 99 cent stickers from Michaels, Starbuxs cup, Hambly transparency bkgnd, dymo labels, glitter # stickers.

Day 11 - Fresh haircut & color. Basic Grey bkgnd paper, metal snowflake, metal wording from Michaels $1 bin, painted reindeer ribbon bit, # sticker. That's a bit of my Christmas tree in the background.

Day 13 - One of my favorite Christmas decor pieces. Hand carved Mickey Mouse ear wearing snowman. Doncha just love the classic plaid scarf?! Basic Grey bkgnd paper, music sheet, Making Memories poinsettia leaves, buttons, # stickers.

Tomorrow my to do list includes cycle class, chai @ Starbuxs, cookie baking, organizing receipts, maybe making Christmas cards (don't hold your breath!). Monday I get to finally meet and shop with the world's cutest Cupcake!!! Yahoo!!! hee!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Socks

Did you know that I LOVE themed socks?! Some of my favs are these HoHoHo socks, Halloween (you can never have too many argyle skully) socks, my Frida Kahlo socks from Mary, British flag socks my (blood related) Sis got me in England, my goldfish, split-toed socks to be worn with getas (Japanese flip flops) also purchased by my Sis when she was visiting relatives in Japan, my funky monkey socks, and my black and white striped knee highs. I like boot socks a lot too.

When I go to Target, I always have to peruse the sock aisle. This is especially fun during the holidays. Mervyn's always had good socks, as does Macy's. I also love, love, love the handmade socks I got in trades from Ragged.

Socks really don't have anything to do with the day I had today. Lately, my life seems like a series of unfortunate events, Lemony Snicket style. Last night, I SMACKED my knee on the bathroom door.

Clumsy much?

Did you know that knees have funnybones? Serious!!! I found mine!!!

At 3 am, the pain was so bad, I got out of bed to get an ice pack. I didn't turn on a light and knocked a full (and heavy) bottle of perfume off my dresser and that hit me in the shin. Now I have a sore right knee and a bruised left shin. I'm still being treated for the back pain from the accident. I think there's a big ole bullseye hovering over my head! I'll take any suggestions on how to get rid of it, regain my balance, and restore my karmic equilibrium.

OK, things are not that bad! I spent an hour on the elliptical tonight (endorphins!), got happy mail from Susan - supah cool scrappy supplies and a beautiful handmade card! (Thanks Suzie-Q!), had multiple email convos with the lovely Madame Cupcake, got cracked, saw my witch dr., and called my lil Sis who WON the all around medal/gold wreath at her State gymnastics meet last weekend! She received gold medals in all the events, except for a silver on uneven bars, I believe (and of course, was soooo disappointed). Auntie Linda couldn't be prouder!!!

I wanted to do some daily Christmas pages, but a new Ghost Hunters episode is on and I'm icing my back. Its also getting close to bedtime...

Slacker, procrastinator!!! uhhhh, just really tired. Maybe tomorrow, LOL!!!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Love and Romance, Vampire Style

If you like movies that are exactly like an after school special, complete with poor editing, go see Twilight. If you like all of your characters to look constipated and have perpetual creepy wide-eyed wonder/shock/anxiety (?), go see Twilight. If you were hoping for a movie that would bring your imagination to life, don't go see Twilight. Every cast member is quite pretty, however, so if you're looking for eye candy, the movie might be worth a look-see! hee!!!

A woman on SiStv posted the funniest recap of the movie. Hysterical!!! (Spoilers, sort of.)

After the disappointing morning, I did get my (fake) tree decorated, laundry done, finished Christmas shopping, went to the gym, and completed a couple more pages in the December Daily Album. Its shaping up nicely. When I get caught up, I'll post some pixs of the pages. I think I'll take some photos of my tree also, when the light is better.

That's it! Hope you all have a gud week!!!

Friday, December 05, 2008

December Daily Album

The good lil scrapbooker that I am decided to jump on the December Daily Album bandwagon 'cause all the cool kids are doing it. Inspired by Ali Edwards, scrapgoddess extraordinaire, it all started here. (Well, I actually got the idea from the cute Crafting Cupcake's blog.)

Truth be told, its day 5 and I've only completed day 1. I have ideas and photos for the first 5 days of December, I just haven't executed. Typical. The pressure, oh the pressure!!!

The picture above represents my efforts beyond day 1, I've gathered all the Christmas scrappy supplies I own in one place. A veritable hodge-podge of crafty-ness. Pretty neat, huh???

What's my excuse? I'm a lazy-ass! Oh, and I have a full time job, a cold, and my Dad is visiting. Low motivation, too. hee!!!

Tonite to entertain Papa-san, I dragged him on the annual Santa Clara Historic Home Tour. (For the most part, a peek into how the "other half" lives in Santa Clara.)

My favorite was the Gil House, a Queen Anne built in 1892 in which the previous occupant had lived for 90 years, passing away at the grand old age of 106 this past August. The highlight (for me!) of this house was the "WC" added on the back porch to replace the outhouse in the backyard. The home has never been renovated, the WC is the only toilet in the house!!! This beauty is currently on the market, for sale for a mere $599,000! I think I'd like a little less of a fixer-upper : .)

Tomorrow is Barbara's annual tree trimming party, which means great fuds, time spent with Aldien, and massive doses of allergy meds. (Barbara has cats.) I also hope I make it to the gym, and I am finally going to see Twilight! Oooh, Edward!!! Can't wait!!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

ok, this is like sooo cool!

Uppercase scarf from Veer. "Who says Helvetica can’t be functional and fetching?" Too bad, both versions are sold out, 'cause I would sooo buy one...or not because I might need to buy a (used) car. yeah.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


so the blog is called "trying to grab some happy" and lately it seems that the posts are less than positive. what's up with that? carrying on in the same vein...

it hasn't been a stellar Thanksgiving holiday what with the funeral, car accident and subsequent painintheass car repairs to look forward to, sore back, missed get-togethers (I am so not flaky, I point to the muscle relaxers!), rude dinner hosts, self-centered "friends." I've been feeling quite un-grateful.

however setting all that aside, Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids soap, quality time spent with my girl Sis, hard core muscle relaxers, Starbucks, quick chat with the lovely Madame Cupcake, good food, San Jose Harvest Festival, nice weather, talking at length with my BFF Karen, invitation to lunch from Kath, Bazaar Bizarre SF with Mary, and completing the homework for my art class (portfolios due tomorrow!), have almost made up for the rest. I'm definitely ending the weekend on an upswing.

gotta have balance in all things, right???

Above is my composition on a diagonal, one of the final pieces for my art class. It feels unfinished and underdeveloped, but deadlines loom and I still have one project left!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You must go look at this...

Because its just so darn cute!!!

Elly, Milksop and me

Happy Tuesday!!! : .)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vertical was not good...

Horizontal was better.

It was also the position I found myself in, covered with sweat and passed out on the floor in the bathroom. Fud poisoning, FUN.

BEWARE of the pre-roasted chickens you can buy at your local grocery stores. Oh, and maybe stroganoff mix. But probably the chicken. Or maybe the milk, but it has a December expiration date. I thot I was so clever with my almost homemade cooking.

It all started at 3 am. Screaming daisies and other gasterointestinal distress. ick. I haven't been that miserable in a really long time. Like my guts were gonna come out, one way or another!

I think I'm ok now. Weak and exhausted. Sore (?) Hungry, oddly enough. I hope I have some bananas.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


got rid of some heavy baggage the other day.

I feel happily unburdened.

no more judgments, no more recriminations, no more feeling unvalidated.

so good to finally have resolution.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tagged by the Cupcake!

tagged by lovely Ms. Lisa. while you're visiting her blog, check out her etsy!

its a new meme...

1. go to your pictures
2. upload 4th picture of 4th folder
3. post
4. tag 4 of your friends

are you ready for it?!

so this is me, goofing off in Waikiki July 2005. the Japanese often have their pixs taken flashing the peace sign (or victory sign according to some sources) and since I'm 1/2 Japanese, I flash the happa haole peace sign (get it, 1/2 a peace sign, or the stealth bird, LOL!!!)

I tag...

my Linda

and whom ever else wants to play!!! : .)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

level of frustration increasing...

I'm in IL. Deerfield, IL to be exact. Earlier, it was snowing. Its cold. I'm trying to access my company's network and I can't connect. Frustrated. Need chocolate. I'm in my pjs tho' and the "gift shop" in the hotel in in the MAIN LOBBY and is a section off the check-in desk. ergph! About ready to order room service, but then my dessert will probably get here around midnight. To add insult to injury, the San Jose Sharks are playing the Chicago, in town and its not broadcast on any of the hotel channels.

The flight was good. I guess I'm asking for too much huh? To be able to watch hockey and have my internet access work too?


Saturday, November 15, 2008

oh the thinks you can think!

OK, its not even close to Christmas and TBS is showing the
Grinch Who Stole Christmas!
The concept is incongruous with the fact that it was about 80 degrees today
and practically everyone in my neighborhood is having a bbq
b/c it feels like summer.
(I went running, I could smell the charcoal burning during my entire run!)
Can we please celebrate Thanksgiving, enjoy the start of fall, b/4 we get to Christmas?
Do I write my congressman to get things changed???

For Estor

When you come to the end of all the light you know,
and its time to step into the darkness of the unknown.
Faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen.
Either you will be given something solid to stand on, or
you will be taught to FLY!

(what happened to wysiwyg? this looks much better in person. here, its just a big ole mess! sheesh!)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wishful Thinking

Bubble nest construction = Hopefulness
(Or territoriality : .)
I so get how Eddie feels.
(Do fish have feelings?)

Other cool things about today...

First cycle class since August. Boy, did I sweat!
I did not perspire, I did not glow,
I sweat!
& I got to see my gym peeps for
the first time in 2 months

Emerald Dry Roasted Almonds
I knew they tasted good for a reason...
MSG & Autolyzed Yeast Extract, oh yum!!!

dub-Ya's design on a tote!!! I want!!!
You can customize your own!!!

Brisk fall weather

Phone call from my Linda

Conversation with Jorge


Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla White Chai

Lastly, a tiny bit of art for today...

"Pour vous" card for mi amiga.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sometimes you just have to say...

giggle, giggle, snort!!! a little cheeky art this weekend!

lil bun-bun is soooo shocked!!!

occasions such as this, justify the frivolous craft purchases!
who knew this kawaii stationery would provide the perfect embellishment to this photo!!!
(I do not know what is written in the heart. I hope I don't offend anyone Japanese.)
(laughs to herself...obnoxious!)

since I took my art journal to my collage teacher to critique, I've been a bit gun shy, intimidated, and feeling that any artistic talent I had previously thought I had was nothing. I haven't really been able to do anything new, for fear all of my past art was maudlin, sentimental, sophomoric.

so I'm thinkin' that may be the reason the bunny piece materialized ; .)

I did this surface treatment first, just to get started. its fun to mindlessly put something on paper without direction and attachment to outcome.

not sure what I'm gonna do with it...

I accomplished a lot this, exercise, grocery shopping, laundry, blog post (hi Lisa!), my first chai latte from Starbuxs in a month, scrap supply organization, cleaning out the heater (the collected dust always sets off the smoke alarms the first time I turn it on in the cold season). its the simple things that make me happy : .)

anywhoo...a new week starts tomorrow. I'm off to Chicago next Sunday for work, so I need to prepare myself for that, grrr... one of my co-workers told me to pack my long underwear! brrr! I'm a Cali Girl!!! I don't have long underwear!

I leave you with my 5 good things from today...

1) candy cane kisses!!! oh yum!!! Hershey's rocks!!!
2) salt carmels at Starbuxs (nope, haven't tried any yet! may not be as good as Fran's)
do you say car-mul or care-a-mel?
3) 4 miles of trail running @ Rancho! YIPEE!!!
my first outdoor run since the end of August.
4) funny pictures from the Disneyland weekend!
*see below
5) a clean fish bowl for Eddie

*ok, here's one of my favs from the DL weekend!

this is the kind of happiness and joy you expect from the happiest place on earth!
so tickled I caught this! lol!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Its All About Choices

We chose wisely, America.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

something's fishy!

my house is stinky. I pan grilled some tuna, salmon, and swordfish this weekend.
this is why I never cook and eat fish at home! it takes forever to get rid of the smell!!!

any suggestions for clearing the air over here??? I've been burning candles, sprayed Febreeze about, and even have a Glade plug-in, plugged in and nada is working.

anyone, anyone???

if only I could spray lemon juice over everything!

did some chores, some art, exercised, hit Rubberama, the rubber stamp convention with Mary, and some laying about. but not much of that!!!

here's the art...

came across e.e. cummings i carry your heart poem and what with halloween. love, and all, I had to use part of the poem with a human heart. i was gonna put some names in the heart, but...

and then there's this...been wanting to use the pix Cece took a few weeks ago. paired it with Joseph's Campbell's "Follow Your Bliss" quote. not so sure of the colors, but I played around with the piece for so long, I had to glue something down. used my new (old/new) dymo label maker, interchangeable font wheels, embosses like a knife thru butter, or something like that. pretty excited to complete an actual scrapbook layout!

getting excited for halloween. MadRetz, shan, Donna & I are off to Disneyland on Friday. can't wait!!! so looking forward to getting out of town! since I'll miss the costume contest at work, I wore my spider web tights this past Friday.

who'm I trying to kid, I'd wear these any day...everyday is halloween, ya know!!!

ok, last but not 5 things!

1) cool hockey/skully t-shirt from MadRetz!
2) staying within my budget at Rubberama!
3) happy mail!
4) getting some art done!
5) a balanced checkbook!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Secret Life of Bees

Go see it. Read the book too!!!

Props to My Sista!!!

OMG! She's got her very own etsy...brave, brave woman!!! I'm so excited for her new venture!
Go check it out!!!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

peace out, man!

I actually did some art today. A lil piece for my art journal. Just a reminder to self.
Aren't the tie dyed paper flowers just so cool?!
Happy to finally use 'em instead of hoarding!

Completed other work that I can't share, as its for a surprise!

Lazy afternoon...gym, chores, art. My kind of day!

: .)

5 things...

1) 3 MILES wogging!!! (walk/jog) + 30 minutes on the elliptical with
2) The very best, sweetest strawberries from the farmer's market!
3) Lightness of being : .)
4) Vegetarian eating so far for a whole week, oh so healthy!
5) Organized art supplies!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Defying Gravity and Other Mundane Bits from this Weekend

Its amazing what these baby gymnasts can do!


(And they've made the routines way harder than the compulsories that I learned in high school.)

Here's my Sis on the uneven parallel bars...

And on the beam!

Another competitor on the vault.

One of Sis's teammates on the beam. What a lovely pose!!!

Of course, Sis being the perfectionist she is wasn't happy with her scores. (I think she won 3 medals!) However, her team took first place!

Made me miss those glory days and become more conscious of the ache in my back. LOL!

I did some homework, and some work in a mini album (which I'm too shy to show...)

Below is the shrine (?) I started last weekend and finished up today. I bot a kit from Invoke Arts. At the rubber stamp shows, they sell mixed media goodies as well as stamps.

The piece is based on Nirvana's song Heart Shaped Box, altho' I have a different interpretation of the subject matter in the lyrics, I think. The heart is from a Lotteria card, circled by tagboard. Some paper roses, rhinestones, velvet ribbon and crocheted trim. Feels like it needs something more...

While I'm here, I should list my 5 good things...
(from the past week, not just today.)

1) Email from Sharmaine, all the way from Australia!
2) Phone call from my Linda!
3) Sharks winning 3 games in a row so far!
4) Lunch with the Yees & hangin' with my Girl!
5) Happy mail from Susan!

Hope you had a good weekend and have a good week!
: .)