Friday, March 28, 2008

Come to Me, My Little Pretty!

I'm in a shopping kinda mood...

My camera Guru, Dubin and MadRetz helped me decide on this:

I bit the bullet.
Wanted one for a very long time.
Droolingly coveted Mad's.
Didn't want to purchase until I could say f-stop and depth of field without hesitation.
I got the deal too, since the 10 MP version is due out soon, so say it with me..."discount." Very good, class!!!

Love, loVe, LOVE!!!

hee!!! giggle, giggle!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz...

Oh my Buddha!

The Burns' rock the blackberry glazed bbq'd ham. And the basalmic glazed roasted veggies. And roasted yams.

Got an Eastor basket too!!!

Oh, wait...We had FONDUE for dessert.

Imagine this...

Rich, melted milk chocolate and
poundcake &
creampuffs for dipping.

I had to stop eating after the first few bites. It was just too much. (Did I just say that?!)

A gud Eastor.

Didn't get much art done this weekend...Lots going on. Chores, gym workout, journaling, ran of course, took photos for the MadMonk's new business venture, Birdie Buddies.

I finally met her newest companion, Lola, a bleu-and-gold macaw. I had to laugh, I had the song rambling thru my head, Lo lo lo lo lo la, Lo lo lo lo lo la, looked up the lyrics and the song is
not about what I thot! LOL!!! LOLA! So my piece. I also posted it at SIStv, but I added the crown as an afterthot. She's a beauty, rescued, and is in birdie rehab, but sweet nonetheless. Greeted me with a loud HELLO! Evidentially, she doesn't talk to anyone except the MM. Haha!!! They don't call me the Pied Piper for nothin'!!! Animals and kids, they just love me!!! : .)

The background is masking tape, painted with gesso, then diluted acrylic splatters. The yellow paper is old dictionary pages painted w/ acrylic, I outlined some spatters with black pen as an accent. The milagro is from ARTchix Studios, and the crown is also out of the painted dictionary paper with rinestones.

I've got more bbq to eat tomorrow (beef rib night at Andy's), cycle class, tea and chat with an old "friend," etc, etc, etc...

Y'all have a gud week, Friends!!!


- Moi : .)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happi Eastor Sweeties, BOK! BOK!!!

So, I'm a lil slow on the uptake!!! I wuddha liked to have posted these sooner!!!

Made me giggle!!! Hope you get a giggle too!!!

Habe a gud Easter, kids!!!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I have, like totally, the BEST friends!!!

check this!!! my very own chocolate!!! (and full exposure of my secret identity too...)

choklit from my soul sista!!! yummmy!!!
she know's what makes my tastebuds happy!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Doot, do doot, do doot!

Madame Cupcake (go check out her Etsy too, such cute stuff! The link is on her blog!) said my blog was missing me (hee!), so here's a pictorial essay for y'all!

Friday I had lunch at Specialties. Estor and I splurged and got the "special." Holy Ham Hocks, Batman!!! Ham, bacon, sharp cheddar, mayo, & sweet hot mustard, on potato, poppyseed bread! MadRetz, you shoulda got the cookies the other day!!! "Organic," (that means good for you, right?!) oatmeal/grain, chocolate chip. Crispy, chewy, textury...OH YUM!!!

I allowed myself the splurge because I RAN EIGHT MILES ON SATURDAY!!! WHEEEEEE!!!
This is what the sky looked like. The weather was breezy, but FABULOUS!!!

(I made some awesome curry chicken salad w/ apples for for dinner! (No picture!))

Cherry blossoms (?) On my walk thru the Santa Clara University campus this am. Gorgeous!

This squirm was playin' tag with his buddy! He's cute, kinda like the Geiko Gekko! Underneath this timid expression, HA!!! you think he'd be asking "Hey Lady, do you think you could spare an acorn for a poor hungry squirrel?" But no! Lil Spitfire!!!

Finally arrived at my guessed it, Starbucks!!! Got my chai and I was giggling so loud at the comics, this lady turned around and glared at me! Sheesh! Disapproval for laughing?


If there's anything I miss about my old house, its my washer and dryer. I went to GLM Launderland, anticipating that I could save some ducats. WRONG! I lost $1.75 (that's what it costs to wash a load!) in one machine and ended up spending the same amount as I would in the washroom downstairs at my complex. I guess I did save time, got 4 loads at once. Doncha just love the 70's decor? I think the patrons were holdovers from the 70's too!!!

Oh, Friday nite, I was invited to the Sharks game by my buddy Steve (an old friend, I was thinking of him 3o minutes prior to the call and the phone rings...Synchronicity!!!)

My beloved Los Tiburones are on an 11 game winning streak, franchise record and are hoping to make that 12 right now against the Oilers! We're in 2nd place in the Pacific Division!!!

I also got Happy Mail!!! More birthday celebrating for me! Ragged, how'd you know how much I love green???!!! Just in time for St. Patty's Day too, even tho' I found out I'm not Irish!!!

I LOVE IT!!! Its sooo cute!!! Thanks so much!

Last of all...some art. I keep getting inspired, and writing ideas down, but have been unable to get much completed. This training business takes up a lot of time!!! I finished up some mini art/daily cards, as well as a few for a bloggy pal that I'll show after she receives 'em!

Last week's run! 7 miles, with HILLS!!!

Obsessed with bleu, yellow, and birds lately. I braided the nest out of corregated cardboard strips.

Speaks for itself!!! Pix of that day's sky in the bkgnd.

Okay, another splurge, but only b/c I ran the 8 miles (8 miles = approx. 800 calories, I figured I could afford it.) Don't this make you smile? "Cake slice for 2?" Riiigggghhhhtttt! ahahah!

Habe a gud week, Friends!!!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Let the Celebrating Commence!!!

Today, March 8, 2008 ~ Things for which I am GRATEFUL...

Chocolate Fudge Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting!
(At the store, I was weighing the slices for the biggest piece of course and a lady next to me noticed and commented. I said "You're reading my mind." And she laughed and said "I'm looking in a mirror!" Caught in the act of a guilty pleasure, giggle! I love those interactions!)

Mike Palm's comment "Anything for you Linda, you know that!"
(When I thanked him for making an extra effort for me.)

Sharmaine game me a You Make My Day award on her blog today!
(Yesterday, Australia time.)

Tomorrow is SpRiNg Forward!

(More daylight and running in the evenings, not at the gym!)

The Sharks won their 8th game in a row!!! Whee!!!
(That requires extra exclamation points!!!)

Oh, and SEVEN miles of trail running (including HILLS!!!)
for me today!!!
Oh my Buddha! I am so HAPPY!!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Today Would Have Been Her 77th Birthday

And she would so say 29th !!! : .)

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

(miss you much)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy Birthday to Meeeee!

She's 29 today, people!!!

(and if you believe that...)

The ohsohappy B-day Girl herself. She loves to take self-portraits : .)
(And write about herself in the 3rd person!)

I had a lovely lunch with MadRetz and a visit from Mary and Megan (and GIFTS, yay!!!). Phone calls from Kiki-Carumba and Roma, Aldien, and Kathy. Text msg. from Bun-Bun!
That made me very happy!!!

I can't have my cake tho'! Titanium implant, implanted on Friday. Now the aliems from outside space can track me. No beer, wine, dairy or refined sugar until next Friday, sheesh!

Then its all about the white cake with buttercream frosting and the Lemon Drop Martinis!
Yeah Baby!!! I can't wait!!!

(Cupcake photo by Crysti @ Every Stock Photo)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Bibbity Bobbity Bacon!

It may be the hydrocodone (medication of choice of the glamorous and famous) talkin' or if you you know me at all, my LOVE of BACON!!!