Saturday, April 26, 2008

Accoutrements of Youthful Subculture - I *HEART* My Docs!

Bloggy-land has numerous scrapbook challenge sites. Category Stories is one of these sites.

The prompts for the the CS challenges are posted bi-monthly, and have included: "Relaxin""What would you do with a cool Million?" and "Best Day Ever," to name a few.

I'm always intimidated by the enormously talented scrap artists who post at these sites, however, since my personal mantra is "do something every day that scares you," I decided to post a layout to Category Stories, who's current challenge is Shoes - "what are they to you? Do you love wearing them, loathe shopping for them, or fall over in pure bliss when you find that most fab pair of sliver ballet flats with the cute leather detailing and buckle on the side.......(ok, um, that last one may have just been me...*ha*)"

What woman can resist talking about her shoes?!

My favorite shoes ever are actually boots. Dr. Martens boots to be specific. The journaling reads:

"I couldn’t part with my first pair of Dr. Martens until the soles were worn thru and the uppers cracked beyond repair. I didn’t get rid of them until I couldn’t deal with cold, wet feet any longer. My current pair have been constant companions on many adventures, treading many miles & dancing for hours in underground clubs. I LOVE these boots."

(Click on the image to view it larger!)

Edited: I just remembered a related Doc Martens story. My Dad's (conservative) cousins visited San Diego from Ohio and their 18 year old son had recently joined the Navy, on the side became a punker, and bought his first pair of Doc Martens. My sister told Cousin Janet, "You know, Linda got her nose pierced and it all started with 'those' (docs)."

Yeah, I'm such a rebel! haha!!!


Lee said...

totally AWESOME page!! I loved my Docs as well. THanks so much for joining in the category stories challenge!!!!!!
Lee :)

Sharmaine said...

Like your not one of those amazingly talented people pftttt!
Love your page, I had blundstones (Aussie brand of boot) and my first pair had holes in the toes when I finally parted with them lol

MandyKay said...

rock on! i love that lo! and thanks for playing along with our challenge!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Awesome and so telling. . . a girl and her boots.

lauren said...

you COUSIN-CORRUPTER, you! (HA! i *knew* we had loads in common!) :)

looooove da page!
LOVE da boots!
*love* da blog!!!

(u *can* haz cheezbrgr!!!!)