Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend Stuffs

Its nice to have "nothing" to do, once in awhile. "Nothing" taking me away from home.

Saturday: Starbucks, journaling, errands @ Target, ART!
Sunday: Gym for step class, Starbucks, more errands, ART!

Ok, that's not all I did...Fashion ATCs (artist trading cards) for a swap, that's the sneaky up there, laundry (sigh. necessary!), baking chocolate chip cookies (uh, eating cookie dough, never mind the raw eggs!!!), "Heal Quick" card for a SiSta at SIStv who broke her arm (also above). Got great news from the MadMonk and Run Mike who ran Big Sur International Marathon today and finished strong!

Not such an exciting weekend, so much what I needed this weekend!

Next weekend is the Maker Faire! Yay!!! And National Scrapbook Day celebration at my local scrapbook store, double yay!!! Full on weekend with my Soul Sista, MadRetz!

Sharks are on, game 2 against the Dallas Stars, gotta go watch!!!

Good week to you all!!!


madretz said...

Ou! I can't wait to see the fashion ATC in person...u kept one for yourself, yesh?
Sounds like a much needed weekend of R&R and art.

Anonymous said...

I hope you check this often...

Chuck P. will be in S.F. first of May. Check schedule on his web site.

Choke and Survivor being made into film (finally)

New book out May 20th

Just an FYI

Lisa said...

hey lady! yeah i take all my pics the same way, with my arm stretched out in front of me haha! i have long monkey arms so i usually get us both in the pic :P

lauren said...

ooh! *lovely* card...BUT...what i am truly DYYYYYYYYYING to see is that fashion ATC! i can already tell that i *love* it...i just wanna see HOW MUCH...and if it will affect my marriage... :)