Saturday, June 21, 2008

Crafty Morning

Took this cute, cute tag class from Kerry Lynn Yeary today.

Didn't learn anything new, but...

It was fun to use so many different types of media and techniques: paper, old quilt bits, felt, embroidery, shipping tags, transparencies, stickers, vintage sheet music, pleating.

There's something soothing and comforting about running a needle and thread thru cloth and pleating paper. Maybe its the repetition? Traveling back to simpler times? I just don't know!

I did take artistic license, changed some of the words and modified the words and the decorations on the HAPPY tag : .) GRACE is a nod to my girl, MadRetz.

Otherwise, been lazing the day away, as its quite hot. Walked over to the really small art show at the museum on the next block (I can hear the jazz music from my apartment!), had a chai, did a short 7 mile run. Debating what to cook for dinner...

Good stuff!


Sharmaine said...

Oh lucky you!!!! Love the creations!!

madretz said...

Oh they are so very very cool! the grace one of course! <3 I'm so gonna have to copy that!