Sunday, June 15, 2008

Frog Princes and Wood Nymphs

Been feelin' like a homebody these days, not interested much in interacting with the world at large. Did get invited to go dancing on Saturday night, but a little stomach bug decided to make a visit, so after my run on Saturday am, I was stuck at home.

Did some more scrapbooking, those 2 pages took the entire weekend! Sheesh! MadRetz took this pix of me at an antique store in Sonora. (We were visiting her cabin.)

"You have to kiss a lot of FROGS...Still looking for PRINCE CHARMING. Maybe the FROG is the better choice!"

Silly, but oh so true for moi! Also, gotta love those photobooth strips! If you wanna know how to make 'em, here's a tutorial. I used PhotoShop Elements 3.

The other layout was inspired by MandyKay. MadRetz took this pix while we were on a little nature hike, visiting Mendocino/Fort Bragg in 2004. (4 years ago, my goodness time flies!!!). Mandy custom made the mushroom, which I purchased from her Etsy TheLilMonsterShoppe.

That's it!!!

Monday always comes so quickly!!! Off to bed for me, work tomorrow!!!

Be well friends!!!


Ragged Around the Edges said...

Sometimes a weekend at home is what keeps us sane. And, once again, beautiful and inspiring work. I love the whimsy of these.

MandyKay said...

i love how you used that mushroom!! and that frog lo is just adorable!!!

i have to thank you again for the package i got today. i was just telling my hubs how much i love it!