Monday, July 07, 2008

Follow Your Bliss!

that's Joseph Campbell

its been quite a day.
Monday is always hard.
I got up late b/c I was so tired,
then my x-sis-in-law called to let me know
that my x-grandfather-in-law died this morning.

very heavy sigh.

I went over to hang out with her after work.
had pizza and wine.
she seems alright.

I only got my envelope album photographed tonite,
its hot and I am exhausted.
Warning: photo heavy...get yourself a lil drinky-poo and read on : .)

So, I was paying bills and was trashing the envelopes and that flash of insight occurred. I gathered up the envys, stacked, and stitched them together in a little album. I added some of my favorite quotes and favorite bits I've been collecting for awhile. I wasn't going to include photos, but since I was going to make the album about the things that are close to my heart, I had to have some more documentation.

Title page...The album is held closed with a hair bungee and a plastic pistol.

You can't see the clear flowers, but they're there, button and brad centers and all. Painted bubble wrap. "Ask.Believe.Receive" thats in the Bible ya know...The pix on the other page is of my painty hands, the quote is "all art is an attempt to map the territory of the heart."

This next page has a mulberry covered heart, angel wings, pixs of my spinal x-rays, (o.k. my blood, I poked myself with a pair of scissors while working on this, so I had to make it more dramatic!) and the quote "you've got to trust your instincts, and let go of regret," which trails to the opposing page later on. Ticket to a past Sharks game. On it is a picture of Scott Hannan, my favorite (X) Sharks player. In a Sharks 'zine during that season, there was a photograph of a 14ish yo girl standing on the glass during warm-up to a game, with a sign that said "Merry Me Scottie." My friend Mike said, "Linda, I didn't think you were at the game last night!" HAHA!

The next page has a piece of art I created based on an activity from a design class I took at a local community college. I used acrylic paints and various objects to "stamp" the paper. The quote here says "Living in process is being open to insight & encounter. Creativity is being intensively absorbed in the process & giving it form." Gosh, I love that!!! I love process!!!

The next, self-explanatory : .) That's a Disneyland price tag.

"Hold on tight to your dreams." I love dragonflies & I was made in Japan. Couldn't be a mini album about me without evidence of my running.

My favorite punched butterflies, vintage/antique trim and a plastic grasshopper. Didya know that I LOVE bugs?! "Follow Your Bliss!!!" Doncha just love how the colors of the embellishments coordinate with the envelope?!

Intention. Mine is to be a couple.

I love The Wizard of Oz. I can relate to the Wicked Witch of the West! (Elphaba, you know her if you saw Wicked). The quote is from a Lee jeans commercial, "Whatever you do, don't flinch!" Tea bag tags from the next page.

Starbucks! Ode to Starbucks!!! Oh yes, my alter ego... And there go those butterflies again!!!

Butterflies punched from recycled painted scrap paper. Fish skeleton stamped on acetate, more recycled scrap paper.

Ooooh, Mike Ness and a camera from a Nikon ad. Pix MadRetz took of me at Queen's Bath in Princeville on Kauai. What a lovely afternoon!

Fin!!! The End!!!

5 things good things...a bit hard today

1. Sleeping in
2. Wendy was working at Starbucks...Always a bright spot in the day!
3. Light traffic.
4. Pesto pizza.
5. A place to put my thots.


Sharmaine said...

Hey there! Firstly a hug, a big one :)
Second I love the envy album!! Yep clever! Going to make one one day, just you wait and see! love it!!!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

So sorry for the loss and how wonderful you are to be there for comfort.

And the album rocks! So creative and so expressive. I learn a little more about you each time I see your artwork. And love that you are "recycling".