Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Wanna Believe!

So, I saw it this afternoon...The X-Files movie. It was fine, but it wasn't spectacular. I really wish they had stuck with the mythology, the aliens, the plausable deniability. I wanted to see the baby, William! And David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are getting old!!! Yikes!! On one hand it was nice, that they've allowed themselves to age gracefully, but I guess I still want to see them as they were, dark, brooding, and gorgeous Fox Mulder and the smart man's uber babe, Dana Scully. The acting left something to be desired, I felt like I was watching a George Lucas movie. I'd give the movie 2.5 stars. (You were right, Madame Cupcake!)

So far this summer I've seen Voyage to the Center of the Earth, The Dark Knight, and The X-Files. I've rented from Netflix: Into the Wild (which I loved, but was left so sad at the end), The Martian Child, and The Orphanage (Guillermo del Toro of El Labrinto del Fauno fame, creepy and dark at the same time). Looking forward to The Mummy 3, Wall-E, Mamma Mia.

I do love me a good flick!

I'll leave you with my 5 things for today...

1) happy mail (scrap stuff) from Elise Blaha, Frantic Stamper, and RVKC!
2) lunch with Bun-Bun
3) healthy eating
4) quickie pedicures
5) supporting close to my heart causes
oh, I forgot the best one!!!
6) $4.19/gal. for gasoline (altho' later in the afternoon it was $4.14!)

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Lisa said...

oh i'm glad you agreed with my x files review! i was SO hoping for more!

oh i was just thinking about tim tams today lol! after my best friends wedding i will *totally* have time to hang with you! maybe we can get some tim tams and go to the flea market? hehe i love thrift shopping!

anyhoo, have a fab weekend my dear! and thanks for always leaving me some love :)))