Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bloggy Awards!!!

How nice of the lovely Sharmaine to present me with this award!

Blogging Friends Forever!!!

The Rules of this award are as follows: {urgph, I hate when they call them "rules!"}

1. Pass the award on to five people.
2. Four must be dedicated followers of your blog.
3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world. (oops!!! Sharmaine, you're the only "international" bloggy pal I have!!!)
4. Link back to whoever gave you the award.

I would like to pass this award to...

Madame Cupcake
and Bun-Bun {to make up for that intl peep I don't have, and the fact that Ben and Bun-Bun don't have blogs as far as I know...}

Almost have the H2C & Portland pixs ready for posting. Spent most of the day finishing my Mendocino Adventure 2004 album. Once I quit procrastinating, that is! LOL!!! Sometimes its sooo hard to get started!

5 good things for today:

1) Personal trainers! Mark made me sweat!
2) Mixed berry shortcake! Yum!!!
3) Cool album kits!
4) Very nice weather!
5) A surprise visit from my buddy Justin! [& his dad!]

Happy September, y'all!!!


All I can say is wow! WOW!!! Check out what this amazing artist did!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

you gotta take the good with the bad

Trail fetish? Forest fairy? She's cute, yeah?!

So, I mentioned I was tired? Exhausted! Takes me a week to recuperate from a relay race.

I've been slacking @ creating. Viewing SisTv, blogging, and commenting. Sorry pals, I am always thinking of you...Linda, Madame Cupcake, Ragged, Patricia, Sharmaine, MadRetz, MandyKay, Susan, Nancy, Nan, Bun-Bun, Ben. Yes, even you. You know who you are!

The week away was nice! Getting back into the groove of things.

I'm looking forward to the xtra day off next week!

Work is insane!!! I haven't have a chance to breathe!!! (Nor email, read blogs, surf the internet...Oh, just kidding Boss!!! hee!!!)

Only two workouts so far this week. I trashed my knee on one of the downhills during H2C, so been taking it easy in preparation for MARATHON TRAINING! Did I mention that I signed up for Disneyworld Marathon 2009?! Whoo! I made an appt. with a trainer to see if he could give me some hints and tips so I can make it thru the run.

My fish died today. h'Sif. I'm sad. Its ironic b/c I was telling a co-worker that I don't get attached to pets and she said she wasn't so sure considering how I talk to and about the fish. (He was being fish-sat by ano. co-worker who mentioned that h'Sif didn't eat all week! I think he starved. Traumatized, I am a bad fish mom!!!)

G'ma and G'Pa Seiss (X-grandparents in-law) passed away within weeks of each other. Also, X-sis-in-law's boss, a great man, and her godfather who came to my long ago, tried to be forgotten wedding. My good friend's mom had 2 strokes, and another almost died from blood loss from a tear in her esophagus. (Is that how you spell it? Too lazy to look it up!) I can't even count on my hands the number of people I know who have died since last November.

I got my new crown finally. It is gorgeous and almost worth its $6000 price tag!

I'm drinking wine directly from the bottle...eeee!!! And its not good wine, compared to the ambrosia I had @ Nancy's!

I got happy mail from Patricia (Thanks P, LOVE IT!) and kits from Elsiecakes. Plural, kits. Neverland and Alice in Wonderland. Feeling a little buyer's remorse, can you tell???

Will be volunteering at Kris's play, Once Upon a Mattress. She asked me to be videographer for a day! What a fun experience! I can't wait!

Tapestry Arts Festival this weekend! Photo ops, gud fuds, oh yum kettle corn! Stuff to buy! Only gifts!!!

Ooooh, its HOT!

I survived flying home from Portland without my Xanax! I packed it in my check-in luggage. Had just a tiny panic attack. Logic asked if I was just (over) reacting in habit. Fly? Feel anxious! It wasn't really there! Yay!

MadMonk sent this today! V. cute!!!

So much has happened this week. Serious highs and lows. I can't remember it all! Anyway, a long post yeah?

I'm organizing the pixs from Hood to Coast and time spent with Nancy. Will try to post this weekend!!!

Over and out, for now!!! : .)


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Crock Pot Haggis


I'm back.

I'm tired.

I'm disheveled.

I'm not organized enough to post photos right now.

I miss Nancy and her family and her dog, Brando.

And ewwww, crock pot haggis...ICK!!!

Talk to you soon!!! : .)

Monday, August 18, 2008

They're Like Earrings from Cinderella's Underground

Said CeCe about some organic earrings we saw at the American Craft Council Show on Sunday. And I so understood what she meant! It was in reference to the movie Enchanted. If you haven't seen it, put it in your Netflix que! Its sooo charming!

As I mentioned b/4, CeCe sees things like no other person I know. She's soooo amazing! And so much fun to spend time with. I refresh my perspective every time I hang out with her! She was so cute, running around with her new CoolPix asking permission to take pictures of artist's art. She's got a great sense of composition.

Speaking of sundaes, we had 'em, the Ghiradelli version...brownie, carmel, and hot fudge. No, I only ate one! Sheesh!

Saturday was also spent with the C-clan, art & wine, Olympic events, tasty beer marinated, grilled bratwurst...drool! Oooooh, still dreaming about those puppies, or dogs, or snausages. Whatever! LOL!!! This was after spending the morning at Wheel Works replacing the tire I put a nail thru...I did a damn good job of it I have to say, punctured clean thru the tread to the sidewall (did I just say tread and sidewall?!). What is it about men and their waiting until you've done all the hard, dirty work cracking bolts, removing the flat tire, and then asking if you need help?! Oh and the Murphy's Law that states that your spare will be flat and the gas station will CHARGE you for air! I had to pay for air!!! Sheesh, again!!!

Gearing up for that trip to the Pacific Northwest! Got a hotel room in downtown Portland for the first night, gettin' picked up at the crack of 6:30 am dawn on Friday (which is a bummer b/c I confirmed that my second leg will be run sometime around 2:30 am on Saturday), and found out that another of the runners rented a condo overlooking the beach in Seaside and she's letting a bunch of us crash there on Saturday nite! OMG! I am so excited!!!

Emailed Nancy with my ETA for Sunday and besides getting reacquainted, we've decided to do the Underground Portland Tour. I really want to take the Beyond Bizarre Tour, so I can practice my ghost hunting skills, but alas, its only on Fridays and Saturdays or something like that! I coulda photographed ORBS!!! And we're gonna hit this store, Collage oh man, they have a Mexican Sugar Skulls class for Dia de los Muertos! and Life's a Scrapbook. Phew!!! There's gonna be salmon involved in here somewhere, LOL!

OK, I do chatter on, but only b/c I'm procrastinating. I have to review this document...
zzzzzzzzzzzzz... Sorry, just talking about it puts me to sleep. Urgph! Sigh, if only I could make a living being an artist instead of pushing paper around all day. One can dream!

5 things for today!

1) Peanut Butter & Milk Chocolate Ghiradelli Squares!
deux) Gold medal winning female Olympic marathoners that are
38 years old! That so rocks!
tres) Talking to Estor after her major surgery. She's doing well, thanks!!!
shi) Carnitas tacos!!!
lima) All things falling into place for Portland Adventure 2008!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Let's Go!!!

I'm off to the Pacific Northwest next Thursday to run in the Nike Hood to Coast.

Yes, its a race, just like the Relay, only a couple miles shorter. My team of 12 will run from Mount Hood to Seaside, Oregon.

Those are my legs, You can see the distance and the elevation rise in each picture. That middle leg is ranked "VERY HARD." It looks like a doozy, especially since there's a hill at the end!!! Add that to the potential heat that I may experience, I heard it was 103 degrees in Portland today. I hope that leg is at night, or at least in the evening! It may be early, early morning!!! Yay!!!

I haven't been training as many hills as I should. Nor have I had the opportunity to train in warm weather as its been pretty mild here in Northern California. Ai yi yi!!!

After we finish the race and spend time in the beer garden : .) at the finish, a group of us will stay overnight in Seaside and go back to Portland Sunday morning. I'll be dropped off in Lake Oswego to visit with Nancy, who was gracious enough to invite me to stay for a couple of days with her family. I hope she knows what she's in for!!! LOL!!!

And I hope its fun!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Rule No. 6

Don't take yourself so darned seriously.

{and by the way, there are no other rules!}

Interject a little levity into your day!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Yabba Dabba Doo!

5 Good Things About Today...

1) Long Stevie Nicks skirts.
2) Dr. Chang said my teeth were "too white" when I got fitted for my new crown.
Yay! for Listerine Whitening Strips!
3) "Special Chickens"
4) Tasty leftovers!
5) Its almost over... {Yeah, that's a bit pessimistic, but I'm still happy about it!}

Friday, August 08, 2008

Yay! Its the Weekend!!!

Got lots planned for this weekend. "Volunteering" @ the Scrapbook Expo (I get paid $36 for 4 hours of work, not too shabby!), running, spin class at the gym, taking an album workshop from Casey Rivas of Rusty Pickle fame at Picture Me Perfect, dinner with my IT department manager : .) after a 'puter tech refresh!

Ghost Whisperer is on in 2 minutes!!! Gotta get!!!

5 things...

1) $4.09/gallon for gasoline
2) awesome 5 mile run
3) comment from Madame Cupcake : .)
4) peeps who are not afraid to say what they think about me*
5) mammogram, finally!

I was told I was "vain" today.
did want to say that just because they don't care about how they look and I do,
doesn't make me "vain!" LOL!!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

: .)

Rat is sooooo mean!
Poor Pig!!!
: .) : .) : .) : .) : .) : .) : .) : .)