Sunday, August 31, 2008


All I can say is wow! WOW!!! Check out what this amazing artist did!!!


Linda said...

That's gorgeous!!

lauren said...

ooooooooooh! you are TOO KIND my dearest darling--THANK YOU!!! :)

ps: it's ironic that you love this card, as you were the INSPIRATION for it... (in a roundabout way) ...said butterflies were the "practice" ones for my very first ATCs i just made for my very swap! as i was casting around for an idea i happened to remember *YOUR* amazing series of butterfly cards!!! i wound up going in quite a different direction ("bollywood butterflies" in fact!) but your whole BRILLIANT concept of butterflies incorporating different patterns and themes was very much my starting off point!!! (a fact i intend to mention & link to when i am at last allowed to post said ATC's!)

so THANK YOU AGAIN then, for the inspiration and the sheer fabulousity that is PHIN!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

(ps: this sooooo shoulda been an email, really, shouldn't it?! uh huh. sorry.) :)

lauren said...

pss: YEAH--those *are* lots and lots of the tiniest primas glued onto a medium-sized heidi swapp ghost butterfly! i totally LOVE that look (it reminds me of a pinata in a weird way...bit more glamorous tho, obviously...) & i wanna explore the possibilities of what other shapes could be covered like that: chipboard alphas? those swirly flourishy things? who knows! could be good, tho, dontcha think?! :) xolb