Monday, August 18, 2008

They're Like Earrings from Cinderella's Underground

Said CeCe about some organic earrings we saw at the American Craft Council Show on Sunday. And I so understood what she meant! It was in reference to the movie Enchanted. If you haven't seen it, put it in your Netflix que! Its sooo charming!

As I mentioned b/4, CeCe sees things like no other person I know. She's soooo amazing! And so much fun to spend time with. I refresh my perspective every time I hang out with her! She was so cute, running around with her new CoolPix asking permission to take pictures of artist's art. She's got a great sense of composition.

Speaking of sundaes, we had 'em, the Ghiradelli version...brownie, carmel, and hot fudge. No, I only ate one! Sheesh!

Saturday was also spent with the C-clan, art & wine, Olympic events, tasty beer marinated, grilled bratwurst...drool! Oooooh, still dreaming about those puppies, or dogs, or snausages. Whatever! LOL!!! This was after spending the morning at Wheel Works replacing the tire I put a nail thru...I did a damn good job of it I have to say, punctured clean thru the tread to the sidewall (did I just say tread and sidewall?!). What is it about men and their waiting until you've done all the hard, dirty work cracking bolts, removing the flat tire, and then asking if you need help?! Oh and the Murphy's Law that states that your spare will be flat and the gas station will CHARGE you for air! I had to pay for air!!! Sheesh, again!!!

Gearing up for that trip to the Pacific Northwest! Got a hotel room in downtown Portland for the first night, gettin' picked up at the crack of 6:30 am dawn on Friday (which is a bummer b/c I confirmed that my second leg will be run sometime around 2:30 am on Saturday), and found out that another of the runners rented a condo overlooking the beach in Seaside and she's letting a bunch of us crash there on Saturday nite! OMG! I am so excited!!!

Emailed Nancy with my ETA for Sunday and besides getting reacquainted, we've decided to do the Underground Portland Tour. I really want to take the Beyond Bizarre Tour, so I can practice my ghost hunting skills, but alas, its only on Fridays and Saturdays or something like that! I coulda photographed ORBS!!! And we're gonna hit this store, Collage oh man, they have a Mexican Sugar Skulls class for Dia de los Muertos! and Life's a Scrapbook. Phew!!! There's gonna be salmon involved in here somewhere, LOL!

OK, I do chatter on, but only b/c I'm procrastinating. I have to review this document...
zzzzzzzzzzzzz... Sorry, just talking about it puts me to sleep. Urgph! Sigh, if only I could make a living being an artist instead of pushing paper around all day. One can dream!

5 things for today!

1) Peanut Butter & Milk Chocolate Ghiradelli Squares!
deux) Gold medal winning female Olympic marathoners that are
38 years old! That so rocks!
tres) Talking to Estor after her major surgery. She's doing well, thanks!!!
shi) Carnitas tacos!!!
lima) All things falling into place for Portland Adventure 2008!


Ragged Around the Edges said...

Picture me pouting that you got to go to American Craft Council Show with a cool friend, eat sundaes and plan a trip to Portland. It's like the fiber mecca of the world!

Linda said...

I miss you! That's it! Hope you're havin fun!

Patricia said...

Oh, wow, love the sound of your weekend!!! CeCe sounds amazing!!! All that food is making my mouth water!! LOL!!
So excited about your trip to the Pacific Northwest! Wow, my hubby would love to read all about that. I'll have to let him know what you're doing. Sounds like a great team too, which gets you motivated.
And you want to see ghosts???!!!! I just want to stay away from them! LOL!
Thanks for the comment. Yes, I'm shameless to advertise for SIS.
Oh, and our package is in the mail...since maybe the end of this week or beginning of next!! Be on the lookout!!

lauren said...

ok, now, see, i AM truly interested in hearing about the entire NORTHWEST ADVENTURE and i DID pay attention to the details, honeslyt...BUT...apparently all my brian *retained* was,


(sorry!) :)