Friday, August 08, 2008

Yay! Its the Weekend!!!

Got lots planned for this weekend. "Volunteering" @ the Scrapbook Expo (I get paid $36 for 4 hours of work, not too shabby!), running, spin class at the gym, taking an album workshop from Casey Rivas of Rusty Pickle fame at Picture Me Perfect, dinner with my IT department manager : .) after a 'puter tech refresh!

Ghost Whisperer is on in 2 minutes!!! Gotta get!!!

5 things...

1) $4.09/gallon for gasoline
2) awesome 5 mile run
3) comment from Madame Cupcake : .)
4) peeps who are not afraid to say what they think about me*
5) mammogram, finally!

I was told I was "vain" today.
did want to say that just because they don't care about how they look and I do,
doesn't make me "vain!" LOL!!!


Patricia said...

Okay, you had me until mammgram, and I lost it! I gotta get mine too and putting it off. Can't wait to hear how the weekend went, sounds like some really good stuff going on. Loving those flip flops too!!

Linda said...

I think you're Fabulous! Special! Inspiring! Funny! Wonderful! Wise! Brave! Strong! Super duper Creative! And Scary..because we have so much in common..hee! And I am thankful every day that I met you! How's that? XXX

Lisa said...

i'm SOOOOO sad i missed the expo! i've had the flyer hanging on my bulletin board and then it sorta got to be a part of the bulletin board and i stopped thinking about it and then it was sunday and i was like "OH NO I MISSED THE SCRAPBOOK EXPO!!!!" i had total plans of going and then when it came down to it i couldn't think of a reason to drive to san jose this weekend. *sigh* i'm so sad! lol but you must remind me next year!

oh and i get all giddy when you mention me on your blog. i feel the love! hee :)

Ragged Around the Edges said...

How was the volunteering. How did you spend your cashola?

PS: Pretty shoes!