Friday, August 29, 2008

you gotta take the good with the bad

Trail fetish? Forest fairy? She's cute, yeah?!

So, I mentioned I was tired? Exhausted! Takes me a week to recuperate from a relay race.

I've been slacking @ creating. Viewing SisTv, blogging, and commenting. Sorry pals, I am always thinking of you...Linda, Madame Cupcake, Ragged, Patricia, Sharmaine, MadRetz, MandyKay, Susan, Nancy, Nan, Bun-Bun, Ben. Yes, even you. You know who you are!

The week away was nice! Getting back into the groove of things.

I'm looking forward to the xtra day off next week!

Work is insane!!! I haven't have a chance to breathe!!! (Nor email, read blogs, surf the internet...Oh, just kidding Boss!!! hee!!!)

Only two workouts so far this week. I trashed my knee on one of the downhills during H2C, so been taking it easy in preparation for MARATHON TRAINING! Did I mention that I signed up for Disneyworld Marathon 2009?! Whoo! I made an appt. with a trainer to see if he could give me some hints and tips so I can make it thru the run.

My fish died today. h'Sif. I'm sad. Its ironic b/c I was telling a co-worker that I don't get attached to pets and she said she wasn't so sure considering how I talk to and about the fish. (He was being fish-sat by ano. co-worker who mentioned that h'Sif didn't eat all week! I think he starved. Traumatized, I am a bad fish mom!!!)

G'ma and G'Pa Seiss (X-grandparents in-law) passed away within weeks of each other. Also, X-sis-in-law's boss, a great man, and her godfather who came to my long ago, tried to be forgotten wedding. My good friend's mom had 2 strokes, and another almost died from blood loss from a tear in her esophagus. (Is that how you spell it? Too lazy to look it up!) I can't even count on my hands the number of people I know who have died since last November.

I got my new crown finally. It is gorgeous and almost worth its $6000 price tag!

I'm drinking wine directly from the bottle...eeee!!! And its not good wine, compared to the ambrosia I had @ Nancy's!

I got happy mail from Patricia (Thanks P, LOVE IT!) and kits from Elsiecakes. Plural, kits. Neverland and Alice in Wonderland. Feeling a little buyer's remorse, can you tell???

Will be volunteering at Kris's play, Once Upon a Mattress. She asked me to be videographer for a day! What a fun experience! I can't wait!

Tapestry Arts Festival this weekend! Photo ops, gud fuds, oh yum kettle corn! Stuff to buy! Only gifts!!!

Ooooh, its HOT!

I survived flying home from Portland without my Xanax! I packed it in my check-in luggage. Had just a tiny panic attack. Logic asked if I was just (over) reacting in habit. Fly? Feel anxious! It wasn't really there! Yay!

MadMonk sent this today! V. cute!!!

So much has happened this week. Serious highs and lows. I can't remember it all! Anyway, a long post yeah?

I'm organizing the pixs from Hood to Coast and time spent with Nancy. Will try to post this weekend!!!

Over and out, for now!!! : .)



Nancy said...

Linda - Love the forest fairy. One of the things you taught me while you were here was to keep my eyes open for beauty and quirky delights. It made me realize that in life, as in our walks, I tend to keep my eyes fixed on the path ahead, the next step, finishing the journey without tripping up to badly. Although those are all well and good, I also want to be more aware and open to the humor and beauty the divine may have placed outside the borders of the path - or even on the detours!!! Thanks girlfriend for pointing out forest fairies, the diversity of fire hydrants - oh, and red lights...

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Thank you so much for the update, I miss updates from you. Sounds like your circle has been hit hard with loss of loved ones. Everyone is in my thoughts and prayers.

Keep drinking wine from the bottle, planning for marathons, plotting creative exploits and get a new fish.

Linda said...

So glad you're back! Sorry bout your fish. And the "others". You know I know how you feel. That forest fairy is fabulous! You didn't tell me about your knee! Poor thing. Glad you love your crown. I just spent $ having sealants put an the boys teeth about a month ago and since then they've lost 8 teeth total!!! @*($&!! I'm a wine hater...finally something we don't have in common! LOL! I need to know what you're gonna do with those Elsie Kits! I had no idea..that's how I talked myself out of them! HEE!

lauren said...

ooooooooooh poor fishy! and poor you! (notice i mention that FIRST before the humans?!)'s just that PETS...ya see 'em EVERY SINGLE DAY and well, as sad as one is to lose a human friend, the impact on day-to-day life is greater in a way?

ps: i am LMAO at the use of the word "SLACKING" by someone who is writing a 14 paragraph blogpost listing her multitudinously ambitious current and future accomplishments...which include a relay race...and a MARATHON!!! there is *SO* a "i can has cheezbrgr" line here:


lauren said...

ps: i am CHARTREUSE with envy over multiple ELSIE KITS!!!!!!!!!!! yikes, how cooooool is that?! ♥

madretz said...

:( about h'sif.

Totally love the post about Chip, tho!