Monday, September 15, 2008

Cake or Death?!

So, yesterday, I like, baked. Totally!

This begs the question...
Cake or Death?
The Lego version. hee, hee, haha! giggle, snort!

My Momma's Orange Meringue Torte. So ugly, yet so tasty!
Paul, Biking Buddy Paul, not to be mistaken with Concert Buddy Paul, said
"Its the best cake I've ever had!"
Oh wow! Way to schmooze the cake maker Dude!!!
The only problem with a homemade cake is that you have homemade cake in your home and if you're me, you eat homemade cake.
I only had 3 pieces!!! Little ones.

Why does Christian Bale look like he's biting the insides of his cheeks when he talks?
(Tangent, I get that from Susan! Hi Susan!!!)

That's it except for my 5 good things for today (dusting those puppies off!)...

1) Urban raccoon! He looked at me, I looked at him. It was like kismet! We has "a moment." Then he ditched it into the storm drain, nonchalantly, that's fo' sho'.
I guess we weren't meant to be together after all!
2) 1/2 day at work!
3) CAKE!
4) Cake appreciation!
5) Dr. Steve after an eval, Graston (using torture instruments), & ART (giggle!)
said, "I think you need a goal. I think you can go ahead and train for that marathon."
{After we get my pain under control, of course!}

Ya understand why I love the man?!


Ragged Around the Edges said...

I so want a slice of that cake. MMMMMMMMarvelous.

Patricia said...

Only 3 small slices?! Wow, you're good! The doc says yes to marathon!!! OMG!!! Love that kind of news!!!