Friday, September 19, 2008

enJOY your weekend!

So I quickly threw this card together for my stamp club swap and decided that I liked it too much to give away...Except for the letters, which are Thickers, the entire card is made out of the same sheet of paper, Daisy Ds Wonder Years (I think...)

As I type, my Dad is on his way for a short visit. Ironically, I've caught a cold, or my allergies are flaring. I say ironically b/c I was sick the entire 2 weeks he was here at X-mas.

Psychosomatic much?

Planned events for the weekend include:

Dad replacing my screen door! Of couse, now that summer's over.

Walking to Starbucks for coffee and chai and then to the Farmer's Market.

Some art? Some exercise?

Some other local event. Last weekend was filled with events. Next weekend is filled with events. This weekend...The San Jose Mariachi Festival. I don't think my Dad is into mariachi music.

We may go to the Mystery Spot. Or the BigFoot Museum. Or maybe wine tasting. Or maybe the Moffett Field Museum.

So many choices, so little time!!! : .)

enJOY your weekend, y'all!!!


Anonymous said...

I don't blame you for keeping the card it's absolutely gorgeous!!!! Now I wish I had more of that paper!!! Have fun with your Dad. We've gor a HUGE day tomorrow have to get you up to speed later!!


Ragged Around the Edges said...

Beautiful and inspiring as always.

Enjoy your visit with your dad. . . wondering if the Mariachi Fest might be fun!

Linda said...

So beautiful! I can't even bring myself to use my DD stash, especially since they're not making anymore. Oooh hope you're enjoying being with your Dad! Mine is coming today!
I miss you! We'll talk soon..promise!