Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hood 2 Coast in Pictures - Finally!!!

I was holding off on posting these pixs b/c I was a little sad about the not running thing. Thursday and Friday, I had no pain, so I was thinking I was on the road to healing, but yesterday and today, not so good. sigh. I have an appointment to see (the hot...I guess I'll have to stop saying that, he's gonna be a daddy soon!) Dr. Steve tomorrow to get a second opinion and determination if there's even a small chance I can train for Disneyworld Marathon. I'm thinking not.
(The smallest boo hoo here, positive thinking, right?!)

On to the Hood 2 Coast photo montage!

A lovely view of Mt. Hood from Sandy, OR. I think you can still ski/snowboard. In August! How cool (haha!) is that???

Mode of transportation! Check out the neat reflection of my van-mates on the tailgate!

Robi, Barb, Charles, Tasha, Scott leaning over. Too bad most of the peeps are not looking into the camera!

Robi's equipment, Nikes...Aren't they awesome!!! Love that Live Strong (Lance Armstrong) yellow!

Charles making sure I stay hydrated! Love the support of my team members!

Scott supporting Charles. "Go runner, good work!"

Robi lookin' really fast! That's his sis and bro in the background. They came out to support us too!

Handoff! Great transistion!!! Nice smile Barb!!!

Thank goodness we left Boring! LOL!

Nike is one of the sponsors of the race, of course, headquartered in Beaverton, OR. They had decorated a bunch of Volkswagon vans (running icon Steve Prefontaine in this instance) and set up mini museums in each about the history of Nike running shoes. They literally copied the waffle pattern from a waffle iron for the tread on their first shoes.

Downtown Portland in the twilight! Right by the Willamette! That's Will-AM-ette, dammit!

Tasha handing off to Annalise, team mate from the other van! Where's that sense of urgency, Annalise?!

Some runner's cute shoes : .)

Barb cooling down from her leg. So awesome when your entire team gets out of the van to support you!!!

Surreptitious, gratuitous picture of a cute runner boy! giggle! Hurray for 10X zoom!!! I can't even begin to tell you how many beautiful people (men!) I saw!

Barb again, after her leg!!!

The finish line in Seaside, OR 197 miles and 30 hours later!!!

View from "the condo!" Thanks Jackie!!!
I always scratch my head when I see people in the pool when they are staying at the beach.
I suppose in OR the ocean is pretty cold, LOL!!! Robi went it!!!

Classic Seaside shot!

Scott and I...Shiny happy tired runners! I'm smiling so largely b/c I was DONE running!!!

Sunset in the beer garden! Yes, there's a beer garden at the end. Of course, I drank wine. In tiny cups. I don't know how many, Scott kept buying them for me!!! I was really happy (read: inebriated!) LOL!!!

I don't have enough words describe the feeling of running in such beautiful country. Oregon is gorgeous! My van mates were so much fun to spend time with! I had such a great time (altho' regretting the speedy downhill on my last leg!) I was making plans to not come back to Cali. I wonder if they'd hire me in the Washington office?! : .)

I smell some good cooking going on in the complex, reminds me its dinner time. Got a cake to finish assembling too! And art cards for a swap, and, and, and...
There's never enough hours in a weekend!!!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!!! : .)


Linda said...

Ooooh it is beautiful there! Loved seeing all the pics! I'm sorry for you that can't do the race. :( Another time you will!

lauren said...

oof! however did you get that AMAZIN' shot of robi when when he was movin' sooooo fasssssst?! :) :) :) awesome pics! (i love noseying other folks' adventures!)

ps: re not running...which...BELIEVE ME i know how you someone who has thoroughly effed herself on more than one occasion via *IMPATIENCE* lemme just say that whatever time you lose now, it'll be conservatively less than half of what you'd lose later when said small(ish) injury becomes a big deal b/c it was not allowed to heal properly!
ON THE PLUS SIDE: lots more time to MAKE STUFF, right??!?!?!! (sorry babe, i know it stinks!) ♥