Saturday, October 11, 2008

daisies are the friendliest flower

I don't think these are daisies tho'. (Photo taken by my girl, Cece!) It was pretty cold today, I don't think it will be flip-flop weather for much longer! (I'm looking forward to Doc Martens weather!)

Hum, an interesting day today. Why is it that I can't ever accomplish what's on the current "to do list?"

Went to the gym. Tried some running. Sciatic pain. Still not good. sigh.

Read for a bit.

Bot groceries at Safeway, broccoli shred was in stock. That made my day!

Laundry. Feeding. Dishwashing. Ribbon organizing. A bit of art. And I mean a bit.

Hockey now. GO SHARKS!!!

Tommorow, gymnastics meet. My lil friend, Sis is a gymnast!!!

Oh, then homework. I am enjoying my class, but homework is putting a cramp in my other creative time!!!

I hope you're having a gud weekend!!! : .)


Ragged Around the Edges said...

The daisies made me smile. Thank you.

Sharmaine said...

they are daisies... aren't they?? just the regular grow in the lawn variety, that you make daisy chains out of???
They make me smile too. There are wild ones here, that grow on the side of the road in places, that are bigger. I want to grow those ones, lots of those ones, and pick bunches everyday, cos they only last 1 day once picked, but they make me happy