Sunday, October 12, 2008

Defying Gravity and Other Mundane Bits from this Weekend

Its amazing what these baby gymnasts can do!


(And they've made the routines way harder than the compulsories that I learned in high school.)

Here's my Sis on the uneven parallel bars...

And on the beam!

Another competitor on the vault.

One of Sis's teammates on the beam. What a lovely pose!!!

Of course, Sis being the perfectionist she is wasn't happy with her scores. (I think she won 3 medals!) However, her team took first place!

Made me miss those glory days and become more conscious of the ache in my back. LOL!

I did some homework, and some work in a mini album (which I'm too shy to show...)

Below is the shrine (?) I started last weekend and finished up today. I bot a kit from Invoke Arts. At the rubber stamp shows, they sell mixed media goodies as well as stamps.

The piece is based on Nirvana's song Heart Shaped Box, altho' I have a different interpretation of the subject matter in the lyrics, I think. The heart is from a Lotteria card, circled by tagboard. Some paper roses, rhinestones, velvet ribbon and crocheted trim. Feels like it needs something more...

While I'm here, I should list my 5 good things...
(from the past week, not just today.)

1) Email from Sharmaine, all the way from Australia!
2) Phone call from my Linda!
3) Sharks winning 3 games in a row so far!
4) Lunch with the Yees & hangin' with my Girl!
5) Happy mail from Susan!

Hope you had a good weekend and have a good week!
: .)


madretz said...

Wow, those pics of Sis are amazing! She's awesome! How in the world did you take that pic of the competitor on the vault. Using your flying skillz?

Sharmaine said...

all the way from Australia, hehe