Sunday, October 26, 2008

something's fishy!

my house is stinky. I pan grilled some tuna, salmon, and swordfish this weekend.
this is why I never cook and eat fish at home! it takes forever to get rid of the smell!!!

any suggestions for clearing the air over here??? I've been burning candles, sprayed Febreeze about, and even have a Glade plug-in, plugged in and nada is working.

anyone, anyone???

if only I could spray lemon juice over everything!

did some chores, some art, exercised, hit Rubberama, the rubber stamp convention with Mary, and some laying about. but not much of that!!!

here's the art...

came across e.e. cummings i carry your heart poem and what with halloween. love, and all, I had to use part of the poem with a human heart. i was gonna put some names in the heart, but...

and then there's this...been wanting to use the pix Cece took a few weeks ago. paired it with Joseph's Campbell's "Follow Your Bliss" quote. not so sure of the colors, but I played around with the piece for so long, I had to glue something down. used my new (old/new) dymo label maker, interchangeable font wheels, embosses like a knife thru butter, or something like that. pretty excited to complete an actual scrapbook layout!

getting excited for halloween. MadRetz, shan, Donna & I are off to Disneyland on Friday. can't wait!!! so looking forward to getting out of town! since I'll miss the costume contest at work, I wore my spider web tights this past Friday.

who'm I trying to kid, I'd wear these any day...everyday is halloween, ya know!!!

ok, last but not 5 things!

1) cool hockey/skully t-shirt from MadRetz!
2) staying within my budget at Rubberama!
3) happy mail!
4) getting some art done!
5) a balanced checkbook!


Lisa said...

smokin tights!
love the art and i'm jealous about disneyland! we are going the weekend after you! lol

have a great week lovie! :)

madretz said...

mucho impressed that u stayed w/in budget at rubberama!

halloween in DL! whoo hooo!

Sharmaine said...

Oh I likey your art!
I likey a lot!!!
Have a blast at DL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

i know i know i'm bad! but i only had a little time with the fam. i didn't see any friends, so don't feel left out :)

my class is over on tuesday (hallelujah!) and i'm going to spend a couple days with my grandma when she comes for thanksgiving. i want her to teach me some of her sewing tricks and tips :) sooooo we will most def have to hang then!!

Patricia said...

Whoa, girl! Those spider stockings were made just for you!!! Your art!!! OMG, it's gorgeous!!!! And the LO is perfect with that picture! Hope you stayed within budget and had a wicked Halloween!!!

Patricia said...

Oh, and the FISH!! We just cooked salmon Thursday and was about to barf! That's so disgusting...NEVER NEVER again in the house, it just wouldn't leave! Much better now, but now going there again.

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Ooooh, just now getting to reading this. Love the tights. Love them. And your artwork seemed so personal, the cummings poem so very sweet. Hope you had a wonderful trip and come home to a house sans fishy smell.

Rrramone said...

Gulp. Please send more photos of halloween costume right away.