Sunday, November 16, 2008

level of frustration increasing...

I'm in IL. Deerfield, IL to be exact. Earlier, it was snowing. Its cold. I'm trying to access my company's network and I can't connect. Frustrated. Need chocolate. I'm in my pjs tho' and the "gift shop" in the hotel in in the MAIN LOBBY and is a section off the check-in desk. ergph! About ready to order room service, but then my dessert will probably get here around midnight. To add insult to injury, the San Jose Sharks are playing the Chicago, in town and its not broadcast on any of the hotel channels.

The flight was good. I guess I'm asking for too much huh? To be able to watch hockey and have my internet access work too?



Ragged Around the Edges said...

Hmmmph. So sorry it's not a good trip thus far. I think a trip to the Miracle Mile is in order.

madretz said...

Having flashbacks to our horrible internet connection in Chicago. What's up with that??