Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sometimes you just have to say...

giggle, giggle, snort!!! a little cheeky art this weekend!

lil bun-bun is soooo shocked!!!

occasions such as this, justify the frivolous craft purchases!
who knew this kawaii stationery would provide the perfect embellishment to this photo!!!
(I do not know what is written in the heart. I hope I don't offend anyone Japanese.)
(laughs to herself...obnoxious!)

since I took my art journal to my collage teacher to critique, I've been a bit gun shy, intimidated, and feeling that any artistic talent I had previously thought I had was nothing. I haven't really been able to do anything new, for fear all of my past art was maudlin, sentimental, sophomoric.

so I'm thinkin' that may be the reason the bunny piece materialized ; .)

I did this surface treatment first, just to get started. its fun to mindlessly put something on paper without direction and attachment to outcome.

not sure what I'm gonna do with it...

I accomplished a lot this, exercise, grocery shopping, laundry, blog post (hi Lisa!), my first chai latte from Starbuxs in a month, scrap supply organization, cleaning out the heater (the collected dust always sets off the smoke alarms the first time I turn it on in the cold season). its the simple things that make me happy : .)

anywhoo...a new week starts tomorrow. I'm off to Chicago next Sunday for work, so I need to prepare myself for that, grrr... one of my co-workers told me to pack my long underwear! brrr! I'm a Cali Girl!!! I don't have long underwear!

I leave you with my 5 good things from today...

1) candy cane kisses!!! oh yum!!! Hershey's rocks!!!
2) salt carmels at Starbuxs (nope, haven't tried any yet! may not be as good as Fran's)
do you say car-mul or care-a-mel?
3) 4 miles of trail running @ Rancho! YIPEE!!!
my first outdoor run since the end of August.
4) funny pictures from the Disneyland weekend!
*see below
5) a clean fish bowl for Eddie

*ok, here's one of my favs from the DL weekend!

this is the kind of happiness and joy you expect from the happiest place on earth!
so tickled I caught this! lol!!!


Sharmaine said...

Car-a-mull lol
Hey those self doubts, I have them too... all the time and they suck cos they stop me from creating.
Looking forward to seeing the photos of DL, enjoy Chicago :)

madretz said...

nice capture of the dude running on air!

rotflol on the...whats the word...incongruity? irony? of the kawaii and the sentiment!

I was just telling Rosie about the care-a-mel hot chocolates at starbux.

Lisa said...

car-mull. lol

cute page! um and candy cane kisses???? omg i'm heading to buy some tomorrow! ahh!

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Maudlin, sentimental, sophomoric. . . Don't sell yourself short!

Rrramone said...

I LOVE the bunny f*&k it thing!! Sweet. And thanks for the kind words about the tote. Hope you are well!! xoxo

MandyKay said...

ok. the lo...super love!!

the painting...super love!

you... super love!!

miss you!!!

lauren said...


i love this beyond all measure or reason. i want to take it out for coffee, listen to its opinions on the mortgage crisis, and buy it a muffin on the way home. (don't tell jeff, ok??!) :)

(ps: care-a mel. since you asked.)