Sunday, November 30, 2008


so the blog is called "trying to grab some happy" and lately it seems that the posts are less than positive. what's up with that? carrying on in the same vein...

it hasn't been a stellar Thanksgiving holiday what with the funeral, car accident and subsequent painintheass car repairs to look forward to, sore back, missed get-togethers (I am so not flaky, I point to the muscle relaxers!), rude dinner hosts, self-centered "friends." I've been feeling quite un-grateful.

however setting all that aside, Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids soap, quality time spent with my girl Sis, hard core muscle relaxers, Starbucks, quick chat with the lovely Madame Cupcake, good food, San Jose Harvest Festival, nice weather, talking at length with my BFF Karen, invitation to lunch from Kath, Bazaar Bizarre SF with Mary, and completing the homework for my art class (portfolios due tomorrow!), have almost made up for the rest. I'm definitely ending the weekend on an upswing.

gotta have balance in all things, right???

Above is my composition on a diagonal, one of the final pieces for my art class. It feels unfinished and underdeveloped, but deadlines loom and I still have one project left!!!


Ragged Around the Edges said...

Car accident? Rude hosts? Back pain? Ouch on all accounts. Hang in there; count those blessings and relax thanks to those muscle relaxers.

Lisa said...

aw darling i'm sorry things aren't so great right now. but it only means things can better from here right?

i so wish i could have made it to bizarre bazaar! was it totally fun???

i amn sending good vibes your way. i hope this week kicks ass :) i have plans on coming back to sj next weekend (it's contingent on lee's dumb friend coming to visit. i hope he doesn't lol) so i will let you know and we will most definitely have to grab some happy! :)

Lisa said...

you got ME something??! omg i think i love you. :)) when shall we exhange presents?? it will definitely have to be a photoshoot moment...i can't wait!