Friday, December 05, 2008

December Daily Album

The good lil scrapbooker that I am decided to jump on the December Daily Album bandwagon 'cause all the cool kids are doing it. Inspired by Ali Edwards, scrapgoddess extraordinaire, it all started here. (Well, I actually got the idea from the cute Crafting Cupcake's blog.)

Truth be told, its day 5 and I've only completed day 1. I have ideas and photos for the first 5 days of December, I just haven't executed. Typical. The pressure, oh the pressure!!!

The picture above represents my efforts beyond day 1, I've gathered all the Christmas scrappy supplies I own in one place. A veritable hodge-podge of crafty-ness. Pretty neat, huh???

What's my excuse? I'm a lazy-ass! Oh, and I have a full time job, a cold, and my Dad is visiting. Low motivation, too. hee!!!

Tonite to entertain Papa-san, I dragged him on the annual Santa Clara Historic Home Tour. (For the most part, a peek into how the "other half" lives in Santa Clara.)

My favorite was the Gil House, a Queen Anne built in 1892 in which the previous occupant had lived for 90 years, passing away at the grand old age of 106 this past August. The highlight (for me!) of this house was the "WC" added on the back porch to replace the outhouse in the backyard. The home has never been renovated, the WC is the only toilet in the house!!! This beauty is currently on the market, for sale for a mere $599,000! I think I'd like a little less of a fixer-upper : .)

Tomorrow is Barbara's annual tree trimming party, which means great fuds, time spent with Aldien, and massive doses of allergy meds. (Barbara has cats.) I also hope I make it to the gym, and I am finally going to see Twilight! Oooh, Edward!!! Can't wait!!!

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Lisa said...

woman you still haven't seen twilight?! you're gonna have fun! even if it isn't the best, you'll still enjoy it :)

i'm glad i could be the motivating factor for your december journal...but i haven't posted the last 2 days. so dont beat yourself up over falling behind :)

the historic tour sounds like fun!

have a great weekend chickie!