Saturday, December 13, 2008

The December Daily Album

Whooo, the Sharks came from behind 3-1 to WIN 5-4 against the St. Louis Blues! We are still in first place in the NHL!!! OMG!!! So EXCITING!!!

OK, on to other important stuffs! I'm finally posting pixs of the first few pages of my December Daily Album, minus day 12...

Cover, clear acrylic d.reeves 6"X6" album. Metal snowflake, metal wording from Michaels $1 bin. I wish I remembered to save the paper mfg names. Random # stickers too:

Day 1 - My Christmas wishlist. Same line of paper as the 2008 page, other cardstock, punched snowflakes, number sticker, misc. scrap paper : .)

Day 2 - Pix of me wearing my Ragged-made wristlets holding the stats sheet from the Sharks vs Toronto Maple Loafs, I mean Leafs game ; .), tree @ Christmas in the Park downtown SJ, polar bear gift tag, black rhinestone, punched snowflakes, snowflake parchment.

Day 3 - Paper Source snowflakes, one gesso'd and glittered. Pix of ladies at Bazaar Bizzare in SF (Flakes, get it??? Actually they weren't, they had cool felted wool art!) Silver trim, dymo label, glitter # sticker.

Day 4 - My Dad...Naughty or Nice??? LOL!!! He's such a good sport, I made him wear my Mickey Mouse Santa hat! Gotta love that expression and the beer can! Basic Grey bkgnd paper, snowflake stickers, dymo label, Making Memories Word 'fetti.

Day 5 - Flyer from the Santa Clara Home Tour, October Afternoon bkgnd paper, Making Memories glitter trees, # sticker, dymo label, tag from the Starbucks ornament I purchased that day!

Day 6 - Me & Als b/4 Barbara's tree trimming party. Basic Grey bknd paper, torn music sheet, random Christmas rub-ons, Magistical Memories chipboard box tree, glitter # sticker.

Day 7 - Sunday morning at Starbucks, the day I went to see Twilight. Basic Grey bkgnd paper and BG rub-ons, acrylic paint, painted reindeer ribbon, # sticker.

Day 8 - So sad, found out my boss's (how do you write that? bosses? boss'???) dog got hit by a car over the weekend. Target crochet ornament, alpha and # stickers, cardstock, dymo label.

Day 9 - Shopping downtown Los Gatos with Als, Santa in the Metro PCS store window (? some cell phone store!), Cost Plus gift wrap, picot ribbon, Making Memories poinsettia flowers. (I added beaded centers), Merry Christmas confetti, dymo label, # sticker.

Day 10 - My co-worker fwd'd me a story about Zombie Elves, written by her son. On the same day, I left a collection of Limited Edition Star Trek Pez dispensers from said Zombie Elves @ a friend's desk. Then I found the googly-eyed elf sticker, a perfect compliment to the day's documentation. Elf and North Pole 99 cent stickers from Michaels, Starbuxs cup, Hambly transparency bkgnd, dymo labels, glitter # stickers.

Day 11 - Fresh haircut & color. Basic Grey bkgnd paper, metal snowflake, metal wording from Michaels $1 bin, painted reindeer ribbon bit, # sticker. That's a bit of my Christmas tree in the background.

Day 13 - One of my favorite Christmas decor pieces. Hand carved Mickey Mouse ear wearing snowman. Doncha just love the classic plaid scarf?! Basic Grey bkgnd paper, music sheet, Making Memories poinsettia leaves, buttons, # stickers.

Tomorrow my to do list includes cycle class, chai @ Starbuxs, cookie baking, organizing receipts, maybe making Christmas cards (don't hold your breath!). Monday I get to finally meet and shop with the world's cutest Cupcake!!! Yahoo!!! hee!!!


Sharmaine said...

Oh I love your pages!! Glad you shared them, the album is looking great! Your already ahead of me lol

Ragged Around the Edges said...

The coolest way to mark the season. I love it!

Lisa said...

awww they look good!!! i love hoe yo used the starbucks actual cup lol!

lol i'm the worlds cutest cupcake?!?! wooohoooo! but i think you just made a lot of cupcakes very sad =P

i can't wait either! tomorrow! woo!

Sharmaine said...

psst have an award for you on my blog :)

Linda said...

I KNEW there was more to discuss yesterday! LOVE your album! Great job chica! Super coolness!!

mrsjvb said...

what???? dude- i colored my hair almost the same way you did, the day before thanksgiving. lol! small world =) hope you're having a great holiday season!!!


Patricia said...

Sick for Thanksgiving, car accident, what?! Man, I have missed a lot! Good gosh! Sending you some good vibes!!!!! But...your art has been AMAZING even if things haven't been too great! Seriously, looked back over all of the posts I missed, and all I kept saying was WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!! Loved the half peace sign too...LOL!! Love those socks and your Christmas journal is WONDERFUL! You have so much talent!

Yes, we got snow here since the last snowed 20 years ago like that! But it's back up to the high 60s, hot and humid!

I'll check back on you to see how you're doing!!!!


Lisa said...

5 days woman! come back to blogland!! we miss youuuuuuuuu

Lisa said...

tomorrow makes 10 days since you blogged missy! lol

for a second i totally thought you were talking about a real man you're going on a date with! lol!! crazy girl, you should have come to see it with me! and made it a real date! hehe

yes i made the biscotti, but i think blogging twice in one day is obsessive so i will wait to post about it till tomorrow lol. it's surprisingly easy to make...i think it may be my new favorite thing. the only downside is you need a million lemons! you geta surprisingly small amount of lemon rind from one lemon. ohhh well you live and you learn

have fun with edward!