Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas!!!

As I've been reminded by the gorgeous Cupcake, its been 11 days since my last blog post. Mucho has occurred, I just haven't felt wordy enough to write anything! Shocking! Because if you know me at all, you know I have an opinion about pretty much EVERYTHING!!! hee!!! I would also like to say that I've been imbued with the Christmas spirit, but alas, no...Quite frankly, I've had the worst attitude!

I haven't done any additional 25 days of Christmas pages. I better get on it, since tomorrow is my deadline and I fear that Santa will not bring me what's on my wish list if I do not finish the task I set for myself : .) I did complete handmade Christmas cards, so if you sent me one, you'll be getting one in return, better late than never, right?! I feel like I've spent the better part of the past two weeks going to appointments, mostly to see Dr. Andre and get cracked. If only I could be done with the whole post-accident trauma.

There have been a few highlights!!!

I spent a whole day with the world's cutest Cupcake!!! Lisa and I finally had the opportunity to connect! She's so beautiful and intelligent, as well as being incredibly creative and fun!!! We shopped, talked, giggled, I talked some more, had Starbucks & shopped some more. We laughed about the fact that her Mom is my age and I'd probably be good friends with her, too!!!

I like that Lisa and I have so much in common! She gifted me with the best present!!! An antique Kodak Duaflex camera so I can be a great photographer, just like her and take TTV (Through the Viewfinder) photos. Go check out the blog, and the flickr site. Verra cool antique-y photography. Of course, you need a "contraption" which I haven't yet constructed, but I have almost 2 weeks off from work to get that done!!!

What an AWESOME day! Definitely in my top 10 for this year! (And Lisa, I LOVE, LoVe, loVE!!! the tote and zippy too, AND your friendship!!!)

Also on the (+) side, I got my baby back!!! Oh how I missed my little friend! Quick acceleration and XM radio do not make up for the comfort I feel driving my own automobile. A new radiator mounting bracket, new bumper, and a new headlight have improved the car's cosmetics immensely, but I don't really care about those things, I care that Good Little Car (after all this time, the car still hasn't told me its name!) can still keep truckin' instead of rotting somewhere in a junkyard and we have a few more years together!

I spent last evening being catered to by my little sis, Alika. Mom Gail invited me over for a visit. I had dinner served to me as well as getting gifts!!! Toffee Macadamia Crunch, baby!!! Tres delish!!! and something (eee!) from Brighton, I'm waiting to open the present until tomorrow 'cause there's not much under my tree.

I'm not complaining about that, however. I've received so many intangibles this holiday season, another reason to be perturbed at myself for my bad attitude. Spending time with those I love and whos (here's another of those spelling questions!) company I Dad, my extended family, invitations to parties and events, smiles, long cell conversations with my bestest friends, evidence of my Father's love, lovely holiday photos/cards and another "date" with Edward! (The obsession continues...) and,

oh, isn't this the best Time Magazine cover???

Looking forward to lots of down time, hitting the gym, running outdoors, some photography, unlimited time to craft, and watching movies over and over. Paul and I are going to visit the newly renovated California Academy of Sciences and have lunch at Cafe Gratitude, I'm gonna visit the Mad Monk, and Shan and I are gonna get together to crop.

Tonight I'm baking an apple pie for my Christmas dinner, and cookies to take to Aldien's when I invade, er visit tomorrow. I may get those daily pages done too!!!

Merry Merry Christmas
to You!!

I hope Santa brings you everything your heart desires!!!


Lisa said...

aw i love you girlie!! so happy you blogged again :) we must hang again and take better pics hehe

merry christmas to you! check my blog soon...i have a huge announcement! hehehehe

i hope santa was good to you! oh and i dont have your addy...i still want to send you a card!

Linda said...

Merry Christmas Chica! Hope Santa was good to you too! Glad your got your car back! And adorable pic of you and L! If they have SIScon 09 you Cali girls better try and be there! Hope you're having a great day! Thinking of you! XOXO