Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Socks

Did you know that I LOVE themed socks?! Some of my favs are these HoHoHo socks, Halloween (you can never have too many argyle skully) socks, my Frida Kahlo socks from Mary, British flag socks my (blood related) Sis got me in England, my goldfish, split-toed socks to be worn with getas (Japanese flip flops) also purchased by my Sis when she was visiting relatives in Japan, my funky monkey socks, and my black and white striped knee highs. I like boot socks a lot too.

When I go to Target, I always have to peruse the sock aisle. This is especially fun during the holidays. Mervyn's always had good socks, as does Macy's. I also love, love, love the handmade socks I got in trades from Ragged.

Socks really don't have anything to do with the day I had today. Lately, my life seems like a series of unfortunate events, Lemony Snicket style. Last night, I SMACKED my knee on the bathroom door.

Clumsy much?

Did you know that knees have funnybones? Serious!!! I found mine!!!

At 3 am, the pain was so bad, I got out of bed to get an ice pack. I didn't turn on a light and knocked a full (and heavy) bottle of perfume off my dresser and that hit me in the shin. Now I have a sore right knee and a bruised left shin. I'm still being treated for the back pain from the accident. I think there's a big ole bullseye hovering over my head! I'll take any suggestions on how to get rid of it, regain my balance, and restore my karmic equilibrium.

OK, things are not that bad! I spent an hour on the elliptical tonight (endorphins!), got happy mail from Susan - supah cool scrappy supplies and a beautiful handmade card! (Thanks Suzie-Q!), had multiple email convos with the lovely Madame Cupcake, got cracked, saw my witch dr., and called my lil Sis who WON the all around medal/gold wreath at her State gymnastics meet last weekend! She received gold medals in all the events, except for a silver on uneven bars, I believe (and of course, was soooo disappointed). Auntie Linda couldn't be prouder!!!

I wanted to do some daily Christmas pages, but a new Ghost Hunters episode is on and I'm icing my back. Its also getting close to bedtime...

Slacker, procrastinator!!! uhhhh, just really tired. Maybe tomorrow, LOL!!!


Lisa said...

woman, you're crazy. ICE?? why not a hot pack??? or maybe i'm the only one freezing since i can't use my dang heater.

i love our email convos!

and i can't give you any advice about the target. i have the same affliction...except i've had one my whole life. my mom has always called me "grace" because i'm about as graceful as an ox. i've almost broken my pinky toe's more times than i can count and i've fallen up the stairs plenty, ripped out holes in my knees and hit parts of my body almost on a daily basis. it's become just a part of my day :P

Ragged Around the Edges said...

You know, I love holiday socks too. I can't help myself and I am drawn to those with snowflakes for some reason.

So glad you love your handmade ones. I should send you another pair, shouldn't I?

Bun Bun said...

Catching up on TTGSHappy. Dang. I hope things turn for the better, and right soon. Talk to you next week.

Linda said...

I didn't know about the socks! Hehe now I do! Another thingy we both likey!

And AHEM...$X000.00 worth of supplies should make doin that album a breeze..haha!