Sunday, December 07, 2008

Love and Romance, Vampire Style

If you like movies that are exactly like an after school special, complete with poor editing, go see Twilight. If you like all of your characters to look constipated and have perpetual creepy wide-eyed wonder/shock/anxiety (?), go see Twilight. If you were hoping for a movie that would bring your imagination to life, don't go see Twilight. Every cast member is quite pretty, however, so if you're looking for eye candy, the movie might be worth a look-see! hee!!!

A woman on SiStv posted the funniest recap of the movie. Hysterical!!! (Spoilers, sort of.)

After the disappointing morning, I did get my (fake) tree decorated, laundry done, finished Christmas shopping, went to the gym, and completed a couple more pages in the December Daily Album. Its shaping up nicely. When I get caught up, I'll post some pixs of the pages. I think I'll take some photos of my tree also, when the light is better.

That's it! Hope you all have a gud week!!!


Lisa said...

hahaha spot on review! i think the only reason they are making money on this movie is because no one beleives any of the reviews. they have to see for themselves. and, unlike my crazy cousin who has seen it 8 times already, i doubt there are many repeat viewers. lol i'm glad you were just as disappointed in it as me...but aren't you still glad you watched it? hehe

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Aside from the disappointing flick, sounds like you are a productive sort. I'd love to be done Christmas shopping!

Linda said...

Haha great review of Twilight! I haven't read the books or seen the movie but I kinda figured from the stuff I read in EW! Sounds like you got it exactly right!