Sunday, January 25, 2009


Ya all know how much I like ice hockey, right?! Well, the NHL All Star game is on right now, and while the actual game is boring, I'm digging on the commercials...

Still ROTFLOL!!! teeheeheehahahagigglegigglesnort! oh, oh, oh!!!

I don't really hate bowheads, uh I mean cheerleaders, but ohmygosh!

My very own sistor was a cheerleader in high school!


I wasn't supposed to let that slip!!!

No worries, she doesn't read my blog anyway...ahahaha!!!

(There is no psychology, nor wishful thinking going on here, NONE I say! LOLOL!)

Slumdog Millionaire...Go see it!!! awesome!!!

Oh, and most of you already know...Dr. B (my gyne) gave me the all clear and he'll see me next year, YAY!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

procrastination is my middle name

sitting here contemplating some TTV photography, but there are all these instructions for building the contraption so you can shoot photos with your digital camera thru the Dualflex, so I am not motivated. don't wanna think that hard...pathetic huh? I am so LAZY!!! I think I need to talk to the Cupcake, so she can 'splain it to me, LOL!!!

ok, now its 4 hours later and I haven't accomplished anything else except posting daily cards at a skosh more...oh and watching a marathon of sorts of Paranormal State, new episode tonite!!! the obsession continues! LOL!!!

I haven't had much to say lately, hence no posting, but I have had a ton of happy experiences, so that's what you're gonna get today.

1) my violet bloomed! did I mention that previously? I don't usually make things bloom, quite the opposite, altho' I continue to try to grow green things.

2) I spent an evening with the Pixie Girl and her bro (building Starwars Legos). she was hanging in the dark hallway outside bro's room, b/c she obviously knew she wasn't welcome. she kept bringing books by and showing me the pages and pointing out characters. later in the evening, she came inside the door and leaned against the wall with her piggy and sucking on her two fingers. again, cause she knew she wasn't welcome there. she's such a smartie, I saw the cogs going and she walks 1/2 way into the room, picks up one of the lego pieces and walks forward and hands it to me. next thing I know, there's this tiny bum sitting on my knee. all the while, bro is yelling at her to get out of his room and I keep saying, "she's not doing anything, its okay if she hangs out with us." then, with a little wiggle, I had the cutest girl sitting in my lap! ooooh, I just love that story! LOL!!! oh, and I think I deserve an engineering degree b/c heck, it takes a lot of brainpower to build modern Lego structures!

3) had an enjoyable dinner with the Kunimotos. oiishi-des!!! Donna is the best cook! marinated chicken, kahlua pork, rice, and pasta salad. mini bits of cake, and sugar cookies I made for D's daughter. oh yum!!!

4) ran 5 miles, took 2 cycle classes, elliptical, and rode bikes with the boys at lunch last week, whee!!!

5) tea and chat with Jack.

6) bot a new external hard drive to back up my computer.

7) phone calls from my Linda and Karen, the bff.

8) lunch date with (the other) my Linda, quality time spent!

9) Dr. Steve said I should go ahead and start the Linda P. Intuitive 1/2 Marathon Training Program in preparation for Santa Cruz 1/2 m in April. keep your fingers crossed that there won't be any deterrents to my training.*

I know there's more, I just can't remember right now.

oh, a kinda weird event...I opened an account on Facebook 'cause the running/biking boys asked me to and people from my past have found me. people that I'm not sure I necessarily want to know in the present. hum...trying to figure out how I feel abt this. v. weird.

now that I think about it, another weird thing. did you know bouillon cubes in Spanish cost less than bouillon cubes in English? I wonder why that is??? they're the very same thing.

*I'm supposed to get the results from my doc on Wed. or Thurs. so I'll finally know whether I have no or easily resolved female related worries or I have to prepare to fight the big "C."

want to contemplate why we have this day off (Dr. King and civil rights activism, especially b/c of recent events on an Oakland train platform) and cook dinner. easy peasy evening.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Faux Buxs

In my ongoing efforts to reduce my expenses (read: break my daily Starbucks addiction) and to reduce my carbon footprint (because I don't like the idea of contributing to landfills with all those paper cups and lids), I've been experimenting at home with recipes for chai and tea lattes.

So far I've had no success with the tea lattes, today however, I think I've hit on a decent replacement for SBuxs chai lattes. They don't taste exactly the same, but they're a reasonable facsimile.

To make a 16 oz. drink...

Brew the tea, using 2 tea bags and a cup of water
(You probably could get away with 1 tea bag)
Heat 1 cup of milk to boiling
Mix the two together
Add 1 oz. vanilla syrup

Viola, Faux Buxs Chai Latte! Does the success give me an excuse to buy this? hee!!!

I suppose you could make this with sugar-free syrup if you like, but I prefer real sugar over chemically broken sugar.

Other excitement...Here are pixs of the cards I made for the LOVE ATC swap over at SIStv. Gorgeous staging, if I do say so myself!!! LOL!!!

I'm feeling a bit passive-aggressive about the swap because I've sent the swap hostess two emails asking for information for mailing the cards to her and have not received a response. Now, I'm not interested in mailing the cards at all, but unfortunately, that wouldn't affect her much. The 35 other individuals in the swap wouldn't get a fair trade for their hard work however. So, I asked for help from the other participants instead. I made sure I pointed out in my posting on the SiStv message board that the swap hostess isn't responding to me.

Yeah, I'm being a brat!

Been dragging my heels today, I have homework and I can't seem to get started. I've found so many other more fun distractions to engage in...packing my X-mas ornaments, dusting, doing laundry, picking lint off the floor. Ooooh, Eddie's tanks needs to be cleaned too!!!

Five good things for today:

1) Early am email from Ragged!
2) This youtube video as seen on grrl + dog's blog generating the best gut chuckles! (Sorry, dark humor!)
3) Faux Starbuxs Chai Lattes!
4) Kinesiotape!
5) Mineral make-up!

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I'm typically a fan of words

words like


today I heard some words that I didn't like so much

endometrial biopsy
pre-cancerous hyperplasia
endometrial caNCER
uterine CANCER

how about


Sunday, January 04, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

I came across this post, this morning...

10 year olds in my brain b/c I've been thinking about this exact same thing. or...maybe its that satellite that circles the earth, reading minds, then beaming the same thots in our collective heads for a mass resolution...

anyway, your thots on the subject???

Diving for Pearls, January 4, 2009.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year's Aspirations

on the 31st, I flipped through this book to find a jumping off point for my journaling that day. for January 1, Sarah Ban Breathnach made mention of listing your "aspirations" instead of resolutions. I really liked the idea of aspirations because how many times have I not kept up with my resolutions? I don't want to be resolved to complete this list, being resolved feels to me like you have no control. I aspire to complete the list, and...

1) reduce my carbon footprint.
2) embrace change, seek solutions, and make improvements in mind, body, spirit.
3) be present...stop dwelling in the past and focusing on a future that cannot be determined.
4) plan and execute an adventure. I'm looking (again) at vacationing in southern AZ or UT and TX.
5) constantly be aware of, and re-write negative inner dialog.
6) meditate.
7) do daily morning pages in my journal.
8) stop using so many commas, hee!

oh, and maintain my "5 good things for today" : .)

other than thinking a lot, guess what else I've been doing?! art (no surprise!), wrangling with PMS, hittin' Starbucks (try the London Fog Tea latte, yummm!!! I'm in heaven!) & journaling, meditating (practice makes perfect, right?!), running errands, planning trades (Ragged, I finally know what I'm gonna make you!), calling & chatting with friends, exercising (75 minutes of step class yesterday, YES! Go Sue!!!), taking lots of photos, and eating.

oh, Paul and I had fun in the city on Monday. since it took 30 minutes to drive a half a mile to find parking, which we didn't, we decided to go eat lunch and then journey to Ghiradelli Square for sundaes. to burn the calories, we also hiked to Pier 39, enjoyed the sunshine and the barking sea lions. Paul was a good sport, posing for multiple photographs! I spent Tuesday with the x-sis-in-law petting the dog, scrapping, eating, and watching movies. Wednesday is a blur at this point, oh New Year's and couching. On Thursday after the workout, I spent a lovely hour with Sue, chatting and having tea, a much enjoyed interlude.

as for art...I finished the rest of the pages from my December Daily album (25 days of X-mas album).

in the month of December, I spent 3 hours a week at the chiropractor's office. it felt like I was there every day! dr. Andre's office manager decorated with these gorgeous, glittery mini poinsettias.

on the 14th, I contemplated making cookies, so I got out some supplies to inspire me.

recorded the day with mme. cupcake! sweet!!!

actually baked the cookies!!! mrs. Woodard's fabulous recipe is in the background, let me know if you want it.

yes, that is a Starbuxs java jacket! cute, yeah?

this is the x-mas card I rcv'd from the boss and a pix of the poinsettia she gave me & the co-workers.

peace, love & reindeer! an example of one of the three types of cards I made and mailed this year!!! LOL!

the day I got my good little car back!!! oh, I was soooo happy!!!

goofy self-portraits from x-mas day! embracing the holidaze!

I was inspired by Jann Saulsberry, whom I met online at SiStv to re-start doing daily (atc) cards...I have no idea how long I can keep it up. also, because I wanna be just like the cool kids, I picked a word to focus on this year, optimism and included it on the first card. can I live up to the word, I dunno? I still can't decide if it should be optimism, or optimistic. I have optimism, or I am optimistic??? hummm...

finally, a little emotive art (click on the pix to see the detail). I love that anatomical heart. and the swirls. and the stitching. and the red. very much : .)

the belly is yelling, "feed me!" so I think I'll get to cooking dinner! I'll leave you with my 5 good things for today...

1) quiet, thotful moments
2) London Fog tea lattes
3) a Facebook message from a high school classmate
4) rain, altho' we need much more
5) optimism : .)