Saturday, January 10, 2009

Faux Buxs

In my ongoing efforts to reduce my expenses (read: break my daily Starbucks addiction) and to reduce my carbon footprint (because I don't like the idea of contributing to landfills with all those paper cups and lids), I've been experimenting at home with recipes for chai and tea lattes.

So far I've had no success with the tea lattes, today however, I think I've hit on a decent replacement for SBuxs chai lattes. They don't taste exactly the same, but they're a reasonable facsimile.

To make a 16 oz. drink...

Brew the tea, using 2 tea bags and a cup of water
(You probably could get away with 1 tea bag)
Heat 1 cup of milk to boiling
Mix the two together
Add 1 oz. vanilla syrup

Viola, Faux Buxs Chai Latte! Does the success give me an excuse to buy this? hee!!!

I suppose you could make this with sugar-free syrup if you like, but I prefer real sugar over chemically broken sugar.

Other excitement...Here are pixs of the cards I made for the LOVE ATC swap over at SIStv. Gorgeous staging, if I do say so myself!!! LOL!!!

I'm feeling a bit passive-aggressive about the swap because I've sent the swap hostess two emails asking for information for mailing the cards to her and have not received a response. Now, I'm not interested in mailing the cards at all, but unfortunately, that wouldn't affect her much. The 35 other individuals in the swap wouldn't get a fair trade for their hard work however. So, I asked for help from the other participants instead. I made sure I pointed out in my posting on the SiStv message board that the swap hostess isn't responding to me.

Yeah, I'm being a brat!

Been dragging my heels today, I have homework and I can't seem to get started. I've found so many other more fun distractions to engage in...packing my X-mas ornaments, dusting, doing laundry, picking lint off the floor. Ooooh, Eddie's tanks needs to be cleaned too!!!

Five good things for today:

1) Early am email from Ragged!
2) This youtube video as seen on grrl + dog's blog generating the best gut chuckles! (Sorry, dark humor!)
3) Faux Starbuxs Chai Lattes!
4) Kinesiotape!
5) Mineral make-up!

Happy Sunday!


Lisa said...

aw what fun atc's! i used to do those...B.E. (before etsy lol) i also used to do daily cards. fizzle fizzle....

i'm totally going to have to try your chai tea! i went to sbux today and totally thought about getting the london fog one you talked about...but i'm always so scared to try new stuff there. maybe next time we hang i can have a sip of yours? hehe

oh and btw, i finallllly finished my december daily and when i did the page of the day we met it was an "awww" moment. such a great day!

Nan said...

I've never heard of vanilla syrup...sounds wonderful!

Patricia said...

Oh, YUM!!! I had the Celestrial Seasonings Bengal caffeine...but the best tasting chai I've ever had! I will have to try this recipe. Just had the London Fog at Sbux yesterday...WOW!

I LOVE your cards! Vent, girl, just vent! Gotta let that stuff out! I'd hate to send them too...GORGEOUS!!!