Sunday, January 25, 2009


Ya all know how much I like ice hockey, right?! Well, the NHL All Star game is on right now, and while the actual game is boring, I'm digging on the commercials...

Still ROTFLOL!!! teeheeheehahahagigglegigglesnort! oh, oh, oh!!!

I don't really hate bowheads, uh I mean cheerleaders, but ohmygosh!

My very own sistor was a cheerleader in high school!


I wasn't supposed to let that slip!!!

No worries, she doesn't read my blog anyway...ahahaha!!!

(There is no psychology, nor wishful thinking going on here, NONE I say! LOLOL!)

Slumdog Millionaire...Go see it!!! awesome!!!

Oh, and most of you already know...Dr. B (my gyne) gave me the all clear and he'll see me next year, YAY!!!


Nan said...


Wish Slumdog would come to the hills, but so far no such luck. Been waiting and waiting. Gonna have to go to the city, I guess.

Sharmaine said...

Slumdogs and Ice Hockey are both on my one-day-wanna-see list.
Have an award for you :)

Jann Gray said...

Oh my -- that video is HYSTERICAL! I love your sense of humor!

Am doing the happy dance for you over the good gyno report! WOO HOO!

Patricia said...


All clear...yippie!!! Love you, girl!!!!

BunBun said...

Good news from the Doc! Thank God.


Lisa said...

baaaaaaaby doll, where have you been???? i miss you! i miss hearing about your life and everything you're up to. when are you coming to fresno so we can get into some shenanigans?!