Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year's Aspirations

on the 31st, I flipped through this book to find a jumping off point for my journaling that day. for January 1, Sarah Ban Breathnach made mention of listing your "aspirations" instead of resolutions. I really liked the idea of aspirations because how many times have I not kept up with my resolutions? I don't want to be resolved to complete this list, being resolved feels to me like you have no control. I aspire to complete the list, and...

1) reduce my carbon footprint.
2) embrace change, seek solutions, and make improvements in mind, body, spirit.
3) be present...stop dwelling in the past and focusing on a future that cannot be determined.
4) plan and execute an adventure. I'm looking (again) at vacationing in southern AZ or UT and TX.
5) constantly be aware of, and re-write negative inner dialog.
6) meditate.
7) do daily morning pages in my journal.
8) stop using so many commas, hee!

oh, and maintain my "5 good things for today" : .)

other than thinking a lot, guess what else I've been doing?! art (no surprise!), wrangling with PMS, hittin' Starbucks (try the London Fog Tea latte, yummm!!! I'm in heaven!) & journaling, meditating (practice makes perfect, right?!), running errands, planning trades (Ragged, I finally know what I'm gonna make you!), calling & chatting with friends, exercising (75 minutes of step class yesterday, YES! Go Sue!!!), taking lots of photos, and eating.

oh, Paul and I had fun in the city on Monday. since it took 30 minutes to drive a half a mile to find parking, which we didn't, we decided to go eat lunch and then journey to Ghiradelli Square for sundaes. to burn the calories, we also hiked to Pier 39, enjoyed the sunshine and the barking sea lions. Paul was a good sport, posing for multiple photographs! I spent Tuesday with the x-sis-in-law petting the dog, scrapping, eating, and watching movies. Wednesday is a blur at this point, oh New Year's and couching. On Thursday after the workout, I spent a lovely hour with Sue, chatting and having tea, a much enjoyed interlude.

as for art...I finished the rest of the pages from my December Daily album (25 days of X-mas album).

in the month of December, I spent 3 hours a week at the chiropractor's office. it felt like I was there every day! dr. Andre's office manager decorated with these gorgeous, glittery mini poinsettias.

on the 14th, I contemplated making cookies, so I got out some supplies to inspire me.

recorded the day with mme. cupcake! sweet!!!

actually baked the cookies!!! mrs. Woodard's fabulous recipe is in the background, let me know if you want it.

yes, that is a Starbuxs java jacket! cute, yeah?

this is the x-mas card I rcv'd from the boss and a pix of the poinsettia she gave me & the co-workers.

peace, love & reindeer! an example of one of the three types of cards I made and mailed this year!!! LOL!

the day I got my good little car back!!! oh, I was soooo happy!!!

goofy self-portraits from x-mas day! embracing the holidaze!

I was inspired by Jann Saulsberry, whom I met online at SiStv to re-start doing daily (atc) cards...I have no idea how long I can keep it up. also, because I wanna be just like the cool kids, I picked a word to focus on this year, optimism and included it on the first card. can I live up to the word, I dunno? I still can't decide if it should be optimism, or optimistic. I have optimism, or I am optimistic??? hummm...

finally, a little emotive art (click on the pix to see the detail). I love that anatomical heart. and the swirls. and the stitching. and the red. very much : .)

the belly is yelling, "feed me!" so I think I'll get to cooking dinner! I'll leave you with my 5 good things for today...

1) quiet, thotful moments
2) London Fog tea lattes
3) a Facebook message from a high school classmate
4) rain, altho' we need much more
5) optimism : .)

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