Sunday, February 22, 2009

home again, home again jiggity-jig!

I'm back from Sac!

I already miss my friends!

These boys! They are soooo grown up!!! That's my kid Eeebee Jeebee (Ian) on the left. He's really Karen's (youngest), but while she was pregnant, I teased her that since she already had three, he should be mine : .) Connor is on the right.

Karen's the BFF. I've know her since her oldest Trevor was a speck. Over 21 years now. She was my rec aerobics instructor in college. I introduced myself to her in our biology class. She hasn't been able to get rid of me since! haha! There's also Sis (Amanda), the world's most beautiful girl!

It was a busy, high energy weekend...driving all over Sac, Starbucks runs for me of course (Karen goes to the local coffee shop!), Connor's HS baseball game, Ian's indoor soccer game, walking the dog, some shopping, book club where there was scintillating conversation and a discussion of the current book they read, The German Boy, used book store, carting kids, lunch with Roger (Facebook, remember?), freezing, sneezing, and wheezing. (Karen has cats!), dinner at Applebees. We talked again about me moving up there. I told her if she could find me a job, I'd be there in a second!!!

Altho' the weekend was a little too busy for my tastes, after all, I spend most of my free time on the floor in my living room, I miss that woman and certainly those kids, and a weekend is never enough time to get in everything we want to do!

Trying to get myself motivated for the work week, but there's more excitement to look forward to! The birthday trip to DISNEYLAND in T minus 6 days!!! lalalalalala!!! whee!!! Anticipation building!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

road trippin'!

do you sometimes feel like you are recycling your post titles???

I've been remiss in my posting. lacking motivation and subject matter, but I've actually done something fun recently, so I thot I'd pay a visit to the ole bloggity.

my Dad was in So. Cal this weekend, and I decided to wander down yonder to visit with him and hang in the old 'hood. the trip was ... exhausting. you would think that cities with 7-9 lanes of freeway wouldn't have traffic, but first hand experience states otherwise. the typical 7-8 hour trip took 11.5 hours. president's weekend traffic? inclement weather? whatever it was, I sat in 30 mile per hour traffic for 3.5 hours. to travel 73 miles. sigh. next time I'm flying!

the trip back ... 6 hours and 10 minutes, go figure! glad I came back on Sunday. the main artery btwn Northern and Southern California was closed yesterday (Monday) due to snow on the pass. I would have been stuck for probably more than 11.5 hours freezing my tushy off, wondering if I'd ever get home! old neighbors the Weavers let make use of their guest room and I got to spend time with this gorgeous young woman.

I've known Kiley since she was a glimmer in her parents eyes and she's grown into such a cool person! we talked about: politics, human nature, world travel, cooking, nutrition, photography, life plans, moving out, buying houses. great conversations! we went wogging, we went to Starbucks, to Target, to the scrapbook store, grocery shopping. to be with her! (and please, just ignore my googly-eyed stare!)

as for Pops, I helped him clear out his storage...ok, not really, haha! we chatted, I bot him lunch, and we just occupied the same space. that was really nice too.

such a gud weekend!

I'm off to Sacramento this Friday, to visit the BFF and have lunch with an old high school classmate who found me on FaceBook. I'm kinda excited!

oh, and then for my 29th (for the 16th time : .) birthday the following weekend/week, I'm off to DISNEYLAND!!! whee!!! Shan and I have reservations at Bleu Bayou for a celebratory dinner and she bot tickets for premiere seating and dessert for Fantasmic. eii! I can't wait!!!

I hope all is well in your world!!!