Saturday, March 28, 2009

sunshine on my shoulders, makes me happeeee!

This picture has nothing to do with this post, but how cute is this Mickey Mouse Gnome?! Yeah, you have a smile on your face, admit it!!! LOL!!!

This reminds me that I still haven't posted any pixs of the Happiest Birthday on Earth! I'll just add it to the list of "Things to Do!" Its a looooong list!!! eee!!!

I'm so excited that its "spring break." I finished my class and am anxiously (ok, not really) awaiting my grade. I've decided that I don't like online classes much, the experience left me missing interaction with the instructor and classmates. I was going to take the quarter off, but I signed up for Color! An entire class about the fundamentals of color and their application! whee!!! Try to contain your excitement!

Sitting here enjoying a London Fog, contemplating the rest of my day, all this time for ME!!! I've already been to the gym instead of running. Been having issues with my breathing, allergy related, I'm sure, so I'm trying to avoid the outdoors as the wheezing is way too intense during my training. Horrible timing. I just signed up for the Santa Cruz Half Marathon. I waited until past the halfway point in the training schedule to make sure my back would take the added mileage, and low and behold, I think I have exercise induced asthma. (sigh.) The appointment with the asthma specialist won't come soon enough, I've missed two longer runs (6 and 8 miles) 'cause I've been worried about my breathing and other workouts b/c I'm not dealing well with another setback.

Tomorrow, I'll be out and about with the realtor looking at houses. (I didn't mention I was house hunting did I?) Got my pre-approval! Been out a couple of times looking at properties already, but practicing non-attachment. I'm still certain I am too immature and not responsible enough for such a big commitment, but so far, this has been a great learning experience!

Signing off with my 6 good things... I've been slacking on my lists again...

1) Seeing my Linda and a visit from my Sean!
2) A hug from D!
3) Keeping score at the 3 on 3 Basketball tourney at work (LOL! I really know nothing about basketball!) So much fun to watch!
4) Sunshine
5) Subversive cross stitch, hee!!!
6) Twilight on DVD, I've already watched it 4X's!!! swoon!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Swell Tape

you read me! TAPE!!!

decorative packing tape! swoon!!!

oh, come to me my pretty!

I want!!!

check it out!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

spring cleaning?

its time for the annual spring clean-up in these here parts.

I call it time to re-decorate your house early american garage sale style.

I am always amazed at the sheer amount of CRAP that ends up piled up on the streets of our fair city. you are allowed to put anything out (yard waste, broken furniture, old bbqs, drywall, office supplies, fish tanks, stuffed get the picture!), except hazardous waste, explosives, and ammunition (b/c we all have a stockpile of bombs, bullets and dynamite in our garages!) for disposal and the city brings front loaders and huge trucks to haul away your no longer wanted junk. (of course, we pay for this service via our electric bill.)

I am also amazed at the huge piles in front of the same houses year after year. where do they keep all of that stuff? you'd think that after one year, their pile would be smaller. maybe they invite their friends and family to dump their unwanteds too!

the annoying thing about this "event" is everyone and their brother, aunt, uncle, sister, and pregnant cousin of the drummer of Def Leppard scavenges the piles. they drive slowly along the streets, holding the rest of us up, darting in and out of the road. they must lose their heads in the excitement of the find!!! jerks. makes running difficult. why anyone wants OPJ (other people's junk) is beyond me. I like a deal too, but I don't want someone else's icky cast offs! I guess that's just me! I'm thinking tho' if you were in college, what a perfect way to decorate that frat or sorority house. then again, I live right by Santa Clara University. I bet the student's parents pay for feng shui decorators and would be aghast at early american garage sale.

anyway, I was gonna take some of my own photos of junk for your viewing pleasure, but this pix is much more entertaining.

image by Geoff Kirk-Smith, animator.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

the best little eugoogalizer ~ IM with Kath

Part of the humor here lies in the delay in response...

KL: did D or I tell you about the memorial service he's holding for his virtual monkey?

LP: nooooo.

LP: omg

LP: hysterical

KL: omg - it is sooooo funny.

KL: So, he bought a monkey on maple story for $5 (plus an elvis wig for the monkey to wear).

KL: followed him around in Maple Story, but would expire after 3 months.

KL: Well, it expires next week.

LP: $5 for a VIRTUAL monkey? wth?!

LP: so he's planning a memorial b/4 it happens?!

LP: too funny!

KL: so, on his own, he invited all his little friends to a memorial service for his monkey.

LP: lol

KL: i know - isn't that a rip off!

LP: still laughing!

KL: Anyway, he already told me what he's going to say - a eulogy.

KL: “Here lies my monkey. If he had lived, I would have named him Phil.”

LP: a "eu ghoul a gee!"

LP: phil!

LP: lol

LP: snorting

KL: “He was a good monkey. He always peed with I told him to.”

LP: teeheeheehahahagigglegigglesnort!

KL: I know!!

LP: lol

KL: sorry to make you snort!

KL: Oh, I was dying when he told me

KL: trying to keep a straight face cuz he was sooo serious.

LP: crying now.

KL: he invited some kid in australia that he plays with on-line and a friend from school

KL: Bob asked if you could make the monkey throw poop and D said unfortunately no, but that would be soooo cool.

KL: I guess you could send it outside to pee

KL: oh, deep breath!

LP: OMG!!! practically "peeing" my pants!

LP: they already think I'm strange around here!

KL: I know - I had to turn away from him as I was driving - thought I'd crash into a parked car!

LP: I've seen the gorillas at the San Diego Zoo throw poop! Oh, the wild animal park

KL: I know!

LP: these orangutans were having sex the last time.

KL: you think a virtual monkey would too!

KL: for 5 bucks at least

LP: have sex?

KL: rotfl!

LP: for $5 bucks

KL: the oldest monkey profession.

LP: that's cheap!

KL: besides turning an organ crank.

LP: lololol...aaaahhhhh, hee hee hee!!!

KL: oh - that didn't come out right

We dissolved into hysterics after I called Kath on the phone and I told her this story!!!

Laughter is Awesome!!!

~ photo from How To blog

Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm just not that into you

i went to see the movie today. save your $8.75 matinee ticket price. it was a bit insipid. o.k. it was a lot insipid.

what else?

march is a family birthday month. my cousin erik, me, my aunt ginny (erik's mom), and my mom have birthdays the 1st thru the 4th. I also share my march 2 b-day with jay osmond, jon bon jovi (swoon!), and dr. seuss. what's weirder is that my dad and his old neighbor mr. weaver, share a birthday, and my sistor and mr. weaver's son share a birthday.

have you heard that theory that people die near their b-days? my mom died march 27. my good friend loretta was born and died in august.

thinking of mom made me go looking for pictures and i found this reprint (click on the photo to see it bigger). that's my mom on the left. i think she's 14 or 15 in this photo. the woman who is second from the right is my aunt machiko, who along with mom's oldest brother, uncle mitsuroku, raised my mom. a. machiko and u. mitsuroku are both still living. i have no idea how old they their 80's at least!

more trippin'd own memory lane...recently, my 2nd grade bff found me on facebook. soooo ironic, for the past 10 years, she's been living in the town i (mostly) grew up in. i had no idea.

another friend from high school also found me on fb. jim and i hung out together, but wouldn't see each other for awhile. then, i would think of him, and in a day or two, the phone would ring, and it would be him. jim and i went to his grad night at disneyland in 1983. for some reason, i have his graduation pixs. i had been saving them all this time, in case i ever saw or heard from him again. last week, i was thinking of jim, and lo and behold, he sent me a msg on fb.

in the past, i didn't have a kind word for social networking, but i'm happy to be reconnected with these friends.

this weekend, i must do my taxes (i flaked last week), finish homework for my art class, run 7 miles, go to step class, eat some cupcakes, watch another movie, do some other art. but let's be realistic...i might finish my taxes and homework. and its certain that i'll eat a form of junk fud.

i'm invited to saturday dinner at the yees, so i get to hug my "little" sis, tease brother alex, and eat really good fuds cooked by gail and corey! i can't wait.

oh, you should check this out...hysterical!

korean happy cow audition

this one you wanna marry a cow?

and this one!

ok, last one


good cheese comes from happy cows!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Saturday, March 07, 2009

rnrgrrl's wish

I know, I should post the pixs of the Happiest Birthday on Earth, but I was working on homework today (the assignment is to use the golden ratio) and I just had to post what I came up with for composition class. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out!

I'm still holding on to the hope that I can train for and run Disneyworld Marathon 2010. Third time's the charm, right?! (I've signed up for and paid for the race twice already and have not been able to go to DW and run!) This wish presented the subject matter for my piece.

I was inspired by the work of Dina Wakley, who's online Art Journaling 101 class, I hope to take in the near future. She does gorgeous textured, painty, and layered work.

Aahhhh, I so love it when the vision in my head translates itself to paper! : .)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Happiest Birthday on Earth!!!

happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to me,
happy birthday dear phinner
happy birthday to me!!!

Shan and I are off to celebrate at Disneyland!!
ya just gotta love it!!!
: .)