Thursday, March 19, 2009

the best little eugoogalizer ~ IM with Kath

Part of the humor here lies in the delay in response...

KL: did D or I tell you about the memorial service he's holding for his virtual monkey?

LP: nooooo.

LP: omg

LP: hysterical

KL: omg - it is sooooo funny.

KL: So, he bought a monkey on maple story for $5 (plus an elvis wig for the monkey to wear).

KL: followed him around in Maple Story, but would expire after 3 months.

KL: Well, it expires next week.

LP: $5 for a VIRTUAL monkey? wth?!

LP: so he's planning a memorial b/4 it happens?!

LP: too funny!

KL: so, on his own, he invited all his little friends to a memorial service for his monkey.

LP: lol

KL: i know - isn't that a rip off!

LP: still laughing!

KL: Anyway, he already told me what he's going to say - a eulogy.

KL: “Here lies my monkey. If he had lived, I would have named him Phil.”

LP: a "eu ghoul a gee!"

LP: phil!

LP: lol

LP: snorting

KL: “He was a good monkey. He always peed with I told him to.”

LP: teeheeheehahahagigglegigglesnort!

KL: I know!!

LP: lol

KL: sorry to make you snort!

KL: Oh, I was dying when he told me

KL: trying to keep a straight face cuz he was sooo serious.

LP: crying now.

KL: he invited some kid in australia that he plays with on-line and a friend from school

KL: Bob asked if you could make the monkey throw poop and D said unfortunately no, but that would be soooo cool.

KL: I guess you could send it outside to pee

KL: oh, deep breath!

LP: OMG!!! practically "peeing" my pants!

LP: they already think I'm strange around here!

KL: I know - I had to turn away from him as I was driving - thought I'd crash into a parked car!

LP: I've seen the gorillas at the San Diego Zoo throw poop! Oh, the wild animal park

KL: I know!

LP: these orangutans were having sex the last time.

KL: you think a virtual monkey would too!

KL: for 5 bucks at least

LP: have sex?

KL: rotfl!

LP: for $5 bucks

KL: the oldest monkey profession.

LP: that's cheap!

KL: besides turning an organ crank.

LP: lololol...aaaahhhhh, hee hee hee!!!

KL: oh - that didn't come out right

We dissolved into hysterics after I called Kath on the phone and I told her this story!!!

Laughter is Awesome!!!

~ photo from How To blog

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