Sunday, March 01, 2009

Happiest Birthday on Earth!!!

happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to me,
happy birthday dear phinner
happy birthday to me!!!

Shan and I are off to celebrate at Disneyland!!
ya just gotta love it!!!
: .)


Lisa said...

happpppppy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyy lovely! i hope it is as fabulous as you are!!!!!!!! take lots of fun pictures too :)

Anonymous said...

Hope Disneyland was a blast! I love your cupcakes!!!!!! Happy Happy Birthday weekend to you!

Sharmaine said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you have a superly great day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy, happy birthday! I have a little goodie for you that has yet to make it into the mail. Enjoy. Celebrate. Count your blessings.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Linda!! Have fun at Disneyland! Then again, how could you not?!? Randi