Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm just not that into you

i went to see the movie today. save your $8.75 matinee ticket price. it was a bit insipid. o.k. it was a lot insipid.

what else?

march is a family birthday month. my cousin erik, me, my aunt ginny (erik's mom), and my mom have birthdays the 1st thru the 4th. I also share my march 2 b-day with jay osmond, jon bon jovi (swoon!), and dr. seuss. what's weirder is that my dad and his old neighbor mr. weaver, share a birthday, and my sistor and mr. weaver's son share a birthday.

have you heard that theory that people die near their b-days? my mom died march 27. my good friend loretta was born and died in august.

thinking of mom made me go looking for pictures and i found this reprint (click on the photo to see it bigger). that's my mom on the left. i think she's 14 or 15 in this photo. the woman who is second from the right is my aunt machiko, who along with mom's oldest brother, uncle mitsuroku, raised my mom. a. machiko and u. mitsuroku are both still living. i have no idea how old they their 80's at least!

more trippin'd own memory lane...recently, my 2nd grade bff found me on facebook. soooo ironic, for the past 10 years, she's been living in the town i (mostly) grew up in. i had no idea.

another friend from high school also found me on fb. jim and i hung out together, but wouldn't see each other for awhile. then, i would think of him, and in a day or two, the phone would ring, and it would be him. jim and i went to his grad night at disneyland in 1983. for some reason, i have his graduation pixs. i had been saving them all this time, in case i ever saw or heard from him again. last week, i was thinking of jim, and lo and behold, he sent me a msg on fb.

in the past, i didn't have a kind word for social networking, but i'm happy to be reconnected with these friends.

this weekend, i must do my taxes (i flaked last week), finish homework for my art class, run 7 miles, go to step class, eat some cupcakes, watch another movie, do some other art. but let's be realistic...i might finish my taxes and homework. and its certain that i'll eat a form of junk fud.

i'm invited to saturday dinner at the yees, so i get to hug my "little" sis, tease brother alex, and eat really good fuds cooked by gail and corey! i can't wait.

oh, you should check this out...hysterical!

korean happy cow audition

this one you wanna marry a cow?

and this one!

ok, last one


good cheese comes from happy cows!

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Ragged Around the Edges said...

I have lots to say in response to this post, you covered so many topics, but what I am most struck with is that you inherited your mother's beauty. She's so very, very pretty.