Saturday, March 07, 2009

rnrgrrl's wish

I know, I should post the pixs of the Happiest Birthday on Earth, but I was working on homework today (the assignment is to use the golden ratio) and I just had to post what I came up with for composition class. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out!

I'm still holding on to the hope that I can train for and run Disneyworld Marathon 2010. Third time's the charm, right?! (I've signed up for and paid for the race twice already and have not been able to go to DW and run!) This wish presented the subject matter for my piece.

I was inspired by the work of Dina Wakley, who's online Art Journaling 101 class, I hope to take in the near future. She does gorgeous textured, painty, and layered work.

Aahhhh, I so love it when the vision in my head translates itself to paper! : .)


Dina said...

It's fabulous! Thanks so much for allowing me to inspire you. :)


Lisa said...

wow that rocks! so- you used glimmer mist on it right? how do you like it?? i'm thinking i just might need some. was thinking of getting spray paint as substitute, but there's no glimmer in spray paint...hmmm what are your thoughts? is it worth the price??

Anonymous said...

panasonic i634

Sharmaine said...

Oh My goooooodie ness!!
Love this!!! TRULY DO!!!
Wishing I had time and cash for Dina's class, but am making do with my own attempts lol
And I am having a giggle so have to share... the word verification word is CHSIT!!!
Quite like that word lol

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and fitting!

(PS: Sounds like you had a marvelous birthday. Goodie!)