Saturday, March 28, 2009

sunshine on my shoulders, makes me happeeee!

This picture has nothing to do with this post, but how cute is this Mickey Mouse Gnome?! Yeah, you have a smile on your face, admit it!!! LOL!!!

This reminds me that I still haven't posted any pixs of the Happiest Birthday on Earth! I'll just add it to the list of "Things to Do!" Its a looooong list!!! eee!!!

I'm so excited that its "spring break." I finished my class and am anxiously (ok, not really) awaiting my grade. I've decided that I don't like online classes much, the experience left me missing interaction with the instructor and classmates. I was going to take the quarter off, but I signed up for Color! An entire class about the fundamentals of color and their application! whee!!! Try to contain your excitement!

Sitting here enjoying a London Fog, contemplating the rest of my day, all this time for ME!!! I've already been to the gym instead of running. Been having issues with my breathing, allergy related, I'm sure, so I'm trying to avoid the outdoors as the wheezing is way too intense during my training. Horrible timing. I just signed up for the Santa Cruz Half Marathon. I waited until past the halfway point in the training schedule to make sure my back would take the added mileage, and low and behold, I think I have exercise induced asthma. (sigh.) The appointment with the asthma specialist won't come soon enough, I've missed two longer runs (6 and 8 miles) 'cause I've been worried about my breathing and other workouts b/c I'm not dealing well with another setback.

Tomorrow, I'll be out and about with the realtor looking at houses. (I didn't mention I was house hunting did I?) Got my pre-approval! Been out a couple of times looking at properties already, but practicing non-attachment. I'm still certain I am too immature and not responsible enough for such a big commitment, but so far, this has been a great learning experience!

Signing off with my 6 good things... I've been slacking on my lists again...

1) Seeing my Linda and a visit from my Sean!
2) A hug from D!
3) Keeping score at the 3 on 3 Basketball tourney at work (LOL! I really know nothing about basketball!) So much fun to watch!
4) Sunshine
5) Subversive cross stitch, hee!!!
6) Twilight on DVD, I've already watched it 4X's!!! swoon!

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Ragged Around the Edges said...

Boooooo to the asthma, no fair. House buying. . . we need pictures of your adventures in selecting something.