Wednesday, April 29, 2009

oh wow!

You could win this gorgeous kit!!!
Go here until May 1st and check out this wonderful new kit club!!!
(I made it there via Amy's blog!)
Doncha just love giveaways?! I know I do!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Run Linda Run!!!

This is the view I will be enjoying bright and early tomorrow morning. Its time again for the Santa Cruz Half Marathon! Wheeee!!! I anticipate an easy run, me and Eddie V. and his soul wrenching voice, enjoying Cali's gorgeous weather. I only hope it doesn't get too hot b/4 the end of the race, the temp. is expected to be in the 80's manana.

I didn't go look at houses today. I did a couple of drive bys yesterday, but didn't see anything worth dragging my Realtor to. I'm kinda burnt out. This house hunting thing is like dating. You go "date" all these houses, you get all excited about the prospect, and then the reality sets in and there's just something wrong with all of them. sigh. LOL!!!

So, with all my free time today, I did some creating. That was such a great feeling. Btwn training for the race and my art classes, I haven't been motivated to produce anything. I had this idea knocking around in my head to make my own floral embellishments. My original idea didn't pan out, but I did finish these two pieces, the first one using the hand-made flowers...They're punched out of stamped paper, stippled and edged with ink, then small flowers layered over the larger and stitched.

Me & the Sistor, circa 1969.

This second piece, I used a template made from the punched paper and stippled and stamped the flowers to make the background. I stamped and inked the butterflies and did some stitching on the paper with dark green jute.

Me & Nancy at her parent's 50th wedding anniversary party in Oregon 2007.

You can click on the pixs to see the detail.

Post race tomorrow...Dinner at the Andrews, a belated Easter celebration. I sure hope we're not having lamb, ewwww...

Then I am sure I am gonna crash!

oh, and 5 good things...

1) the kindness of Julie/BMWgirl at SiStv.
2) txt from Sean, who was with the family @ the Happiest Place on Earth.
3) my DYSON! who woulda thunk I could LoVe a vacuum cleaner!
4) Kath
5) 47 ppb exhaled Nitric Oxide (instead of 190!)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

bootie is bootie



Sunday, April 05, 2009

moving on...

this asthma can just bite me.

9 miles!!! whee!!!

Friday, April 03, 2009


first there was the sneezing.

then some itching.

then there was the wheezing.

and trouble breathing.

on thursday, I went to that allergy and asthma specialist.

and aside from continuing to be allergic to dust mites, cat dander, and every grass and tree pollen in the santa clara valley,
(I got retested)

I had a 190 ppb measurement of exhaled nitric oxide, which means I have really bad asthma.
(a "normal" measurement is less than 20 ppb.)

no joke.

I is it that I have asthma and can run???

evidently, I've had it my entire life and my body had compensated.

so, that means 2 inhalers, and allergy shots twice a week.

I bot a dyson b/c I need to vacuum every week,

and I should wash sheets and comfortor every two weeks.

(domestic goddess is not on my resume, I haven't kept this schedule b/4 now.)

a total culture change.

the dyson is pretty cool, tho' as far as vacuum cleaner technology is concerned.

I should be done processing this in about 2 weeks.

and then maybe I can get over being dramatic about what's happening to me...AGAIN!!!