Friday, April 03, 2009


first there was the sneezing.

then some itching.

then there was the wheezing.

and trouble breathing.

on thursday, I went to that allergy and asthma specialist.

and aside from continuing to be allergic to dust mites, cat dander, and every grass and tree pollen in the santa clara valley,
(I got retested)

I had a 190 ppb measurement of exhaled nitric oxide, which means I have really bad asthma.
(a "normal" measurement is less than 20 ppb.)

no joke.

I is it that I have asthma and can run???

evidently, I've had it my entire life and my body had compensated.

so, that means 2 inhalers, and allergy shots twice a week.

I bot a dyson b/c I need to vacuum every week,

and I should wash sheets and comfortor every two weeks.

(domestic goddess is not on my resume, I haven't kept this schedule b/4 now.)

a total culture change.

the dyson is pretty cool, tho' as far as vacuum cleaner technology is concerned.

I should be done processing this in about 2 weeks.

and then maybe I can get over being dramatic about what's happening to me...AGAIN!!!



Nan said...

My grandson is doing the allergy shot thing and has asthma...which the kids noticed is not spelled as it sounds, so now they say it as it is spelled which is hilarious...much funnier than having it.

Sharmaine said...

Maybe you could move over here, i'd offer to clean your house as an incentive....
Hope things improve with Mr Dyson's help :)

Ragged Around the Edges said...

Not the news you wanted, but certainly something you can tackle, right?

MandyKay said...

i was diagnosed with asthma and allergies this winter! it has been kicking my butt. they changed my inhaler, which made a big difference, but its been so damp here lately it has flared up again
and now, i'm back to hacking up a lung and not running. ugh!
i hope you can get it under control and get back to your regularly scheduled program ;)