Sunday, May 31, 2009



this was maker faire weekend! talk about alternative. I'm sure you've never seen so many urban hippies and techno-nerds in one place.

fun, fun, fun!

I went with these cool kids!

mary & megan

cece, fi & scott

we saw:

flame throwing
metal sculpture
fashion shows
striped tights and wristlets (how eighties!)
alternative crafts
multi-cultural fuds
coke fountains
a life-sized mouse trap
leggo cities
and mucho technology

what a day!

it was a good distraction from what was going on, on the other side of town! I put a bid on a condo! in the ensuing panic, where I regretted my decision and tried to talk myself out of such a commitment, the voice of reason pointed out that it was a good investment (what's my money doing anyway?), and I would have a place of my very own!

I'm already considering cool vinyl wall decor, bar stools, a new dining set (Ikea, of course!), and drapes, and rugs. its been so long since I allowed myself to imagine decorating a home. this place has granite counter tops, travertine flooring, all new brushed metal appliances, the cutest laundry room with a black and white checkered floor, a deck, crown moulding, wood floors, and best of all...a garage! tres exciting! pray that the realty company accepts my offer!!! if they do, I'll post photos!!!

for the week, all day "effective communication" training on monday and tuesday. I'm so looking forward to that, NOT! I think I'm already really good at blah, blah, blah! haha!

gotta get in some workouts, score keeping at the basketball tourney at work, lunch with Gail & Estor and hopefully finding out about the condo!

happy week y'all!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

channeling my inner Sharmaine!

I love Sharmaine!!! I love her artistic style, her words, the pictures of her kids, her generosity.

I asked if I could have a copy of this photo she took, so I could scrap it, and she sent it to me right away!!! I don't know if I did it justice. this piece still feels like it needs something.

you can practice the masters, but you may not achieve the results. of course...I'm not Sharmaine, hee!!!

lyrics from Pearl Jam's Wishlist. ooooh Eddie! : .)

a lazy weekend so far. I ran yesterday, watched movies, ate lots, looked at condos. after looking at so many really grody places, everything I looked at yesterday was wonderful!!! I think I'm gonna put in a bid!!! yay!!!

today, the Red Wings are trouncing the Blackhawks. (it looks like it might be another Detroit/Pittsburgh match-up for the Stanley Cup!!! I am rooting for the Penguins. I think they were robbed by the Red Wings last year!!!) I hit the gym, Starbucks, did some grocery shopping (great deal on prawns!!! delectible mouthfuls of shrimp!) I have homework, and may work on some other layouts...time to rock it!

happy Sunday!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I just can't stand it!!


dude obviously watched A LOT of Mtv!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

be careful what you wish for!

last week I was daydreaming about wine tasting, but who wants to do that alone???

next thing I know, I receive an email from Gail asking if I'd like to go wine tasting with she and Corey.

it rocks when you get what you want!

we tasted a rosé, a chard, 2 different pinot noirs, and a wonderful blend called Montmartre. there was lunch too! enjoyed with the sunshine and the breeze, overlooking the Silicon Valley.

some pics...I forgot my camera, but who know that bright light would make all the difference in the quality of the shots using my cell phone!

The tasting room...Savannah-Chanelle Vineyard

ceiling lights

chardonnay vines

the house of the original owners and the picnic area

procrastinating now. maybe just trying to hang onto the after effects of such a lovely afternoon (thanks Gail & Corey!) instead of being responsible and doing my homework. ok, just procrastinating, lol!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

be here now

playing around with paints again.

made this mini art card using my new Martha butterfly punch. yeah, I know, I need another punch like I need a hole in my head. but I had a coupon. 40% off, baby!!!

finally taking Dina's online class.

dina is my new favorite artist : .)

so far, learned new paint/texture techniques, a bit of collage, and some journaling tips. way fun!

I'm trying to stop hoarding and use some of my extensive stash of paper. for instance, this chocolate wrapper! its way cool, juicy colors and graphic make me happy! and gee, it has my name on it!!! just need to add journaling, which will include things I did the day I created the page. whee!

notes on the last post, the squirrel vid...awhile ago, my Dad's neighbor Mr. Weaver brought his bebe son over, excited to share the fact that son could say his name. "say your name, say your name," Mr. Weaver repeats. my Dad says, "hey squirrel" which is what he called everyone, and Darrin says "hey SQUIRM!" (he had/has a bit of a hearing problem.) so, its been squirm ever since! hee!!! laughing. giggle, giggle! Mr. Weaver was quite frustrated. indubitably!


Proof that if you try hard and have a little help from your friends, you can accomplish anything!

Thanks Caity! Via YouTube.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

should, should, should, should, should

This piece was supposed to be about relinquishing the shoulds.

It really looks like I'm depicting the bride of shoulds instead - barbed wire tiara, tangled should bouquet and all. A marriage made in hedoublehockeysticks! (Kinda like my last one! haha!!!)

Its Sunday evening.

I sit here contemplating some more shoulds.

I should dust my room.
I should cook dinner.
I should get this crap out of my living room.
I should eat healthier.
I should fill out those new mortgage forms.
I should go running.
I should pay some bills.
I should watch that netflix movie.
I should do more art!
I should stop buying craft supplies!
I should pack up that stuff for Suzie-Q.

The list goes on...

I should do some more work on my shoulds. LOL!!!

I did complete a piece in honor of National Scrapbook Day (which was Saturday)...

Scrapped my fav pix of eeebie jeebie. Julie (a bloggy pal from SiStv) sent me the placemat so I could scraplift her piece. I had fun playing with cork and painting the dragonflies.

I used to visit the Cooke-Willis' after exercise. Ian loved my aerobics shoes, would waddle over, put 'em on and walk around the house. He also loved this one particular tie dyed leotard I had. He'd lift the edge of my shirt and check to see if I was wearing it and say "I lay on your stommy?" Then we'd get on the floor and he'd lay across my stomach. I know, I never figured out why he was so fascinated with that leotard! The color, the sweatiness? Maybe it was just the bonding!

I do miss that little pot belly and those sweet curls!!! He's way too big to lay across my stomach now, LOL!


Other stuff this weekend??? Pretty boring and lame, so I'll spare you the agony and not list it all here! I've been hanging around the house. (Avoiding large, germy crowds and bacteria laden gym equipment. Don't want to get H1N1 Influenza.) Watched lots of gud movies and hockey!

Looking forward to another art class, volunteer project at Second Harvest fud bank, running amok, and maybe some more art. I might even be able to delete some more shoulds ; .)