Monday, May 11, 2009

be here now

playing around with paints again.

made this mini art card using my new Martha butterfly punch. yeah, I know, I need another punch like I need a hole in my head. but I had a coupon. 40% off, baby!!!

finally taking Dina's online class.

dina is my new favorite artist : .)

so far, learned new paint/texture techniques, a bit of collage, and some journaling tips. way fun!

I'm trying to stop hoarding and use some of my extensive stash of paper. for instance, this chocolate wrapper! its way cool, juicy colors and graphic make me happy! and gee, it has my name on it!!! just need to add journaling, which will include things I did the day I created the page. whee!

notes on the last post, the squirrel vid...awhile ago, my Dad's neighbor Mr. Weaver brought his bebe son over, excited to share the fact that son could say his name. "say your name, say your name," Mr. Weaver repeats. my Dad says, "hey squirrel" which is what he called everyone, and Darrin says "hey SQUIRM!" (he had/has a bit of a hearing problem.) so, its been squirm ever since! hee!!! laughing. giggle, giggle! Mr. Weaver was quite frustrated. indubitably!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Dina is the best!!! These are AWESOME!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEE the new butterfly! :):):):):):):):)

Sharmaine said...

Love the new arty works
Jealous of taking Dina's class and the new stuff your learning!! But glad you are cos now I get to see what you will create :) :) and another :) cos Julie has commented before me again :)

chelemom said...

Love these artsy pieces!!!

Anonymous said...

Both beautiful! Yes of course you needed another butterfly punch you silly girl! How could you doubt it for a second!

Anonymous said...

Lots of texture, lots of color. So unique and expressive. . . just like you. . . of course it's your artwork.