Thursday, July 30, 2009

¿usted juega a tenis?

I did not look this good chasing after that darn yellow ball!!!

oh my! are those my hip flexors? oooh and that's my mouse hand! how in the world will I work tomorrow!!!

lets throw some more numbers out there...I haven't played tennis since I was 12. 45-12 = 33? thirty three years ago. (laughs to herself!) get out!!!

a little myofascial release, a little ice, alotta motrin...I'll be good to go, yeah?!

graphic by clipartnow

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

fat bottomed girls

finally playing with paper, adhesive, and glitter glue again! it feels gud!!! ATCs for Danica's (over at SiStv) Retro Fab ATC Swap #2.

it was sort of a multiple choice challenge, vintage object, color combo, and song lyrics/thread/garage implement (for texture or an embellishment). I choose the bike (altho' my graphic wasn't vintage!), black & white for the colors, and Queen's Bicycle Race lyrics, esp. the line about fat bottomed girls out for a ride! curvy grrls ROCK!!!

ok, so my biker grrl is a bit slim, and looks a bit like Tinkerbell, but I love her all the same!

graphic from

2 more swaps to make cards for, tres exciting! : .)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

sittin' on the western edge of the world

ahh, bliss : .)

click on the pix to get a larger experience!

Friday, July 24, 2009

gnarly downhills!

true mtn. biking!
I didn't even know how much I've missed you!!!
how long has it been? whaaat? 9 YEARS?!
single track
the rocks, the roots,
supah soft, quicksand like earth,
the smell of bay leaves,
the challenge of the uphills,
the exhilaration of the downhills,
the bruises, the chain marks, the sore muscles, even the mosquito bites...
all worth it!

lets do it again!!! : .)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

hello : .)

hello running shoes
hello asphalt
hello sunshine
hello cool breeze
hello dragonfly
hello sweat
hello sanity
hello perspective
hello, hello, hello!!!